Photo/Video Productions

Video Production Services

Video Production ChicagoAt we are always working on finding better ways to deliver your message.

In looking at technology, we feel that the Internet and video are merging each day and using video allows us to bring your ideas to life.  Based on customer feedback, we have developed the following delivery tools to meet those goals without breaking your budget.

Whether using your existing videos or you have other professionals) take your videos, we can integrate them into your web site.  And no matter how large a video, servers now have streaming capabilities that allow the video to load while it is playing.

Benefits of Incorporating Video
  • Increased sales: Show customers how to navigate the online ordering process .
  • Saving money: Reduce the number of calls to customer service by showing customers how to use or assemble your product.
  • Creating excitement: Demonstrate how your products are made or give them a tour of your facilities.
  • Customers stay on your site: Average user attention span increases when you have a video on the page.
  • Maintain your brand identity: We can create a custom media player to ensure consistent branding.

Photo Shoot and Editing Services

Digital Photography ServicesWe are also very good at capturing the essence of your product or facility so that your visitors get a clear enticing picture of what you have to offer. Whether you need some imagery to showcase your staff, building, products or event, we can be onsite capturing the right shots for a reasonable rate.

The imagery that is incorporated into your website and other marketing pieces is more important than most business owners realize. If you use bland stock photography your clients will notice and it will reflect on your company. Most buying decisions are made based on your business's image and using unique custom photography will indicate your attention to detail and present a much more enticing company image.

Benefits of Professional Photography
  • Increased sales: Visitors to your site will feel more confident in your brand if you have unique photos that are well shot, especially when we look at ecommerce products.
  • 360 Product Views: Every online store wants their products to stand out, now has the potential to incorporate multi-shot technology that lets your visitors spin your product and see it from all angles.
  • Save Time: Let our team of professionals add creative ipmactful photos to ensure that you stand out.
  • Stand Out: Get your unique products or staff or space the representation they deserve.

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