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5 Proven Digital Marketing Efforts That All Businesses Should Be Doing In 2023

Marketing technology changes quickly. For businesses, it feels that if you don’t pay attention to industry changes, you can find yourself lost knowing how to stay in front of your customers and how to best attract new ones. Here is a list of digital marketing efforts that you should be aware of in 2023.

5 proven digital marketing efforts for 2023

Here are 5 digital marketing efforts that we’ve helped businesses create and manage:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
As you should already know, your company website acts as an extension of your business brand and known as your digital storefront. Much like we see in front of brick-and-mortar storefronts, a-frame signs placed sidewalks can at times attract passerby’s, encouraging them to pop in and browse the store. When companies invest in optimize their website using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, relevant content in form of custom-built landing pages can tell search engines like Google and Yahoo about you and when to list your website address as a result to a search query.

The goal is to give ‘digital window shoppers’ who are looking for your products or services to have their search session cross paths with your website. You’ve invested in your website, now it’s time to give customers the opportunity to ‘walk in’ and browse by optimizing your website.

2. Email Marketing/Workflows
Using email for marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to promote, inform, and educate. Sending emails gives a company the opportunity to build brand recognition and maintain credibility, while creating quality first impressions with prospective customers.

Even though email has been around for ages, many don’t realize that sending emails to customers is now a part of a larger (and effective) strategy than creating a simple email to send to a list of email addresses. Email segmentation and workflows, the strategy of sending series of customized follow up emails based on behaviors from previous emails, can ultimately result in effectively communicating with customers who are more likely to convert sooner rather than later.

3. Search Marketing
Think about how you use a search engine, like Google and Yahoo, to search for a topic, a product, or a service. There are millions like you that have caused companies to participate in search marketing programs, like Google Ads and Yahoo Gemini, who have seen positive results from investing in keywords and search terms to improve the traffic that visits their website.

Successful advertising on search engines is often based on the keywords that are associated with a search engine advertisement. Choosing the right search terms can result in seeing ideal traffic on your website, which is more likely to convert to leads and sales.

4. Social Media Marketing
Companies adding communities such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to their marketing strategies is quite common these days. Within the last 10 years, social media networks have grown into the billions, attracting consumers from all walks of life. Behavior and demographic data that advertisers can attain allows them to target specific audiences that are more likely to purchase specific goods and services.

Building a social media strategy can give business brands more opportunities to be recognized and to build a reputation. The ability to share content on social media has given advertisers new ways to attract audiences while remaining one of the most affordable options to advertise.

5. Website Analytics
Without performance data, you’ll never know how good or bad your marketing efforts are performing. When it comes to validating the work we do for clients, incorporating website analytics into the mix is always a must. Measuring website traffic, conversions, and spending can gauge how programs are performing and determine the overall level of success of marketing efforts.

Free services like Google Analytics can tell which website pages are most visited, the length of time a user spends on your website, and how your advertising programs are performing… an essential part of every marketing program. Without website analytics data to tell the story, we won’t ever know what the story was about.

For help understanding digital marketing and how it can improve the way you do business, call Visionfriendly.com at 630-553-0000.


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