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5 Ways to Use Digital Marketing to Improve Your Bottom Line

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Digital Marketing is a powerful way to generate new leads and maintain contact with your best customers.  With the myriad of options, we are often asked to create comprehensive strategies for clients to take advantage of these tools.

Here, we illustrate for you 5 different digital marketing strategies used by businesses in a variety of industries, to capture a greater market share and create better return on their marketing investment.

Seasonal Vacation Resort


Many companies have busy seasons that they need to take full advantage of in order to be successful.  Our customer has a clearly defined window of opportunity and a passionate client base who absolutely love their location, which is why we recommend:

  • Google Ads (Paid Search): Run targeted campaigns to capture as many prospective customers as possible as the search the internet for a vacation destination.
  • Social Media Marketing:Use Social Media to keep your audience engaged with beautiful imagery of the resort, memories of their last visit and special events.
  • Email Marketing:Use email to provide special incentives to loyal customers as well as communicate special events and to maintain communication with your customers throughout the year.

Veterinary Practice

This business is located in a highly competitive area, and differentiates themselves from the competition with their level of service and their expertise in the field.  The best use of their marketing budget is:

  • Google Ads: Run location based, mobile friendly ads that allow their customers to quickly call or get directions to their location using GPS
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Use geographically based SEO as a long term investment to keep website content relevant and rank for highly impactful keywords
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media is ideal to grow their audience and brand awareness.  Everyone loves sharing pictures of puppies and kittens
  • Automated Email Marketing: Email automation allows them to automatically send emails to their client for birthdays as well as annual checkup reminders.

Online/Brick and Mortar Store

Capturing customers when they are most likely to buy is imperative when selling products online.  Our customer sells products both online and in-store, so we recommended a blended marketing strategy of:

  • Google Search Ads: Choosing the bestselling and most profitable products as keywords to create the highest possible ROI.
  • Google Shopping Ads: Presenting product images and pricing information to customers right from the Google Search result page.
  • Google Local Ads: Drive traffic to the store location with graphic and video ads sent to customers that are geo-targeted around your place of business
  • Automated email marketing: Increase online sales using abandoned cart emails as well as suggesting additional products in order confirmation emails



Reviews and Recommendations are vital for restaurants and bars.  We recommend a heavy social media campaign to build reach and increase brand awareness.  Managing their Google business listing helps to maintain their online presence.

  • Social Media Marketing:  Using a content strategy designed to showcase the food and fun, inviting repeat business while allowing guests to interact with them online and in person.
  • Google My Business: Ensure that all information on the Google business listing is updated, with captivating imagery.  Generate reviews are respond to them quickly.

B2B Manufacturer


Effective audience targeting is a priority for this manufacturer, because their product is so specific.  Both Google Ads and Linked In provide unique opportunities to find this business’ ideal customer.

  • Social Media Marketing: Advertise to a Linked In target audience made up of professionals who make buying decisions for their company.
  • Google Ads & SEO: Focused on ranking for industry specific keywords, generating meaningful traffic to the website traffic and generate leads. Strategically testing new keywords using Google Ads and dominating those rankings with SEO.

While no two businesses are exactly the same, we are very proud to have helped market companies across a wide variety of industries.  At VisionFriendly.com, we hope that these brief examples help you in your marketing efforts.

If you are looking for better results, but don’t have the time to manage all of this stuff, give us a call at (630) 553-0000 or simply tell us more about your challenges below.

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