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Are you ready for Google’s next algorithm update in 2021?

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In May of 2020, Google announced their biggest change in algorithms ever.

While Google has never announced an update with this much lead time, it causes us to believe this update is going to be a crucial one.

The algorithm update, called Google Page Experience, is scheduled for early 2021. And according to Search Engine Journal, it’s ‘designed to judge web pages based on how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page.’ *


What does this mean?
What this means is that your website pages will be evaluated for ranking position, not only by the quality of your content, but now based on the overall experience users have… which will change the rankings for the foreseeable future. A few examples of these new metrics will be engagement with page items, form interactions, and video views… metrics referred to as Core Web Values.

Never before has Google given such a huge lead time for an update. Because of this, it is believed that this update will be a substantial one. Which is why we feel it’s important that our customers know about it, before it’s too late. For some major competitors, they will fall off the pedestal if they ignore the ‘heads up’ from Google. But, of course, for others… this is an opportunity to get ahead.

What should you do?

We strongly suggest that our clients and any other company or organization get their business websites evaluated and prepared for what’s to come. Load speeds and content quality may already be a concern for many, but the reins are going to get even more strict. Those who act now should see their rankings remain consistent or improve. Companies that feel Google’s 2021 update is not important or applicable increase the chances of seeing less website traffic and may experience fewer conversations.

The team at VisionFriendly.com are ready to evaluate your website and prepare you for the Google Page Experience update. Your business website needs to load fast, be functional, and be designed for visitors to become more engaging.

For help with enhancing your website design and functionality, call 630-553-0000 or visit VisionFriendly.com/Request-Analysis.asp.

* Search Engine Journal article: https://bit.ly/320soba

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