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How to Optimize Your Website to Generate More Leads

So, you got a customer to your website.  They either found you on Google, clicked on one of your social media ads or email newsletters, but you’ve got them.  They are learning about your products and services.  But, are they making purchases?  You may now be asking, ‘Why aren’t more people buying?’ or, ‘Why haven’t I seen a lead in weeks?’

5 Ways to Use Digital Marketing to Improve Your Bottom Line

Digital Marketing is a powerful way to generate new leads and maintain contact with your best customers.  With the myriad of options, we are often asked to create comprehensive strategies for clients to take advantage of these tools.

3 Signs That Say You Have Outgrown Your Website Design

We all know that every business should have a website… because we all know that when consumers have an interest in a specific product or service, they’ll most likely jump over to the good ole’ “Interwebs” to search for it… right? So, businesses need to be ready to give those consumers (those potential customers) what they’re searching for on their websites, right? I mean, at least enough info that tells them they’re on the right path to getting what they’re searching for… right?

5 Impressive Website Design Features That Can Set Your Business Apart From Your Competition

We recently sat down with VisionFriendly.com website designers, Kyle Lisson and Dado Karabegovic to learn about some of the most unique website design elements that clients are excited to see land on their website design projects. We bet that once you learn about these features (and see them in action), you’ll want them on your website, too.

What Are Your Customers Looking For?

More directly, what are they searching for?  Google Search Console lets customers know which search terms visitors are using to arrive on their website. By using the Queries report, found under the ‘Performance’ section of Search Console, companies are able to gain valuable insights into their customer’s needs and their website’s performance.

Are you ready for Google’s next algorithm update in 2021?

In May of 2020, Google announced their biggest change in algorithms ever. While Google has never announced an update with this much lead time, it causes us to believe this update is going to be a crucial one. The algorithm update, called Google Page Experience, is scheduled for early 2021.

How to Leverage Social Media for Brand Exposure

Are you using Social Media as a way to strategically broadcast and expand your brand? Many of your competitors are posting on Social Media just because they think they are supposed to. Applying meaningful strategies to your social media pages will help you gain an upper hand.

COVID-19 Bridge Building Program

Introducing the VisionFriendly.com COVID-19 Bridge Building Program… our way to help businesses bridge the gap between our nation’s COVID-19 shelter-in-place order

How to Get Assistance for your Business

We are all looking for the best strategy to weather this storm that the Corona Virus has brought to the marketplace. Since VisionFriendly.com serves mostly small to medium sized businesses this can be especially hard to do.
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