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Basic jQuery Effects

See the basic jQuery effects in action: hide(), show(), toggle(), fadeOut(), and fadeIn().

Finding design inspiration

I think that just about every designer out there would agree that the biggest problem we run into without exception, is fighting with time. To really be able to create stylish modern designs, we have to be able to not only clear the deck of inturruptions and distractions, we also have to be actively seeking inspiration. This is also very hard to find time to devote to simply browsing the net for new ideas to pull into our own visual vocabulary.

jQuery – The $ Object and the Wrapped Set

A very brief introduction to the main object through which all jQuery-ing will be done: The $ object.

The Difficulties of Content Generation

One of the hardest task, I imagine for any design company is getting copy from their clients. The project starts out of the gate at a full sprint as logos, color schemes and button styles all get created revised and approved then the site has it's empty shell and it is time to fill in the blanks with relevant blocks of copy that are tailored for both the human visitor and for the search engine spider. Suddenly the project will grind to a screeching halt.

jQuery Prerequisites

What should you know before starting with jQuery?

What Makes a Website Design a Good One?

So, in summary, a good design is one that incorporates: Impactful graphic elements Bold colors Large compelling imagery Intuitive navigation Good visual organization A strong call to action

Introduction to jQuery

What is a "Javascript framework"? What Frameworks are Out There? Why jQuery in Particular? How jQuery Will Change Your Code.


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