Android Users – Please be aware of a new ransomware attack that spreads via SMS using your contacts and sends out ads with links to an app that contains the ransomware!

Android/Filecoder.C malware has been active since 7/12, sending messages in 42 languages dependent on the device’s language setting, and personalizes its messaging using the first name of your contacts. The promoted app is usually adult in nature.

If you fall victim to this malware, it will scan your device and encrypt most files, adding the extension *.seven, preventing you from accessing any of your files, with the exception of *.zip, *.rar, *.apk, *.dex files. You will then be requested to pay a bitcoin ransom to unlock your device.

Please be vigilant in avoiding links received via SMS that start with a greeting using your name, especially if you aren’t familiar with the app the link is promoting.

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