Your Ecommerce Pre-Holiday Checklist

The best gift is the one that keeps giving: Like this helpful marketing plan to give you The Best Holiday Season EVER!em-gift

Your marketing partners at have put together a list of the best eCommerce strategies to help boost your sales this holiday season. Call 630-553-0000 to discuss your plan – before the holidays are here!

  • Schedule a Marketing Consultation to put together your strategic plan for the holiday.
  • Are you running PPC? Start now for the best results.
  • Are you visible in search engines? Time for an SEO Checkup.
  • Are you running Targeted Display Ads, Remarketing Ads?
  • Use to measure search interests in the coming months.
  • Consider Amazon or Google Merchant integration to give you more channels to sell.
  • Send an Email Blast to your audience about upcoming Holiday Discounts.
  • Consider offering Free Shipping (this can dramatically increase conversions).
em-turkey November
  • Analyze what your competition is doing, then work with your VF team to do better!
  • Test your Mobile-Friendliness – over 60% of your traffic is coming from mobile devices!
  • Setup promotions for competitive offers and pre-schedule them now!
  • Set goals with our analytics team to track where you can improve over last year.
  • Review your PPC search report to determine your top performing terms.
  • Start to increase daily Ad Spend on best click-thru-rate PPC Ads.
  • Setup Abandoned Cart Email Reminders with automated discounts!
  • Create a Holiday Email Blast with your most compelling offers. Repeat weekly!
  • Test all promotions and coupon codes before November 28th Cyber Monday.
  • Run filters for low ROI and high ROI keywords – Adjust accordingly.
  • Incorporate more Ad Phrases like: “Last Minute Gifts”.
  • Send additional Email Blasts out for “Last Chance Deals”.
  • Send reminders for Shipping Deadlines (to receive gifts by the holiday)
  • In mid-December reduce Ad Spend to save the profits you’ve gained.
  • Start planning 2017 marketing goals based on what worked this year.
Don’t get left out in the Cold – Call us and let’s get your plan together! 630-553-0000