My name is Eric Kinsey and I am the President of VisionFriendly.com and I will be your online source for various topics relevant to; Website Design, New Techniques and Technology within the World Wide Web, as well as News announcements for our company and the local community as it relates to our business.  I will work to keep these posts lively and relevant and encourage any comments to be sent to me to help make this resource more current and interesting.

 We make websites that make a difference by applying three primary goals; make it attractive, make it easy to use, and make it have a clear message.   So these will be some of the primary topics we will be posting articles about, design, interactivity and marketing on the web plus a few other oddities just to keep it fun.    

So sit back and enjoy the show as VisionFriendly.com shares some of its secrets and some of what we learn as we keep moving forward.