Getting Started with Pay Per Click

Effectively taking advantage of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can not only give your website a visible boost in search engine results, but also increases the control you can have over your digital marketing. Plus, with PPC, you can choose how much revenue each month to dedicate towards your results.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great option for businesses trying to increase their exposure online, and we’re experts when it comes to getting results for a variety of budgets. In fact, at, we hold both the 2nd and 3rd place rankings in the region for click-through conversion.

With Google Ad listings’ auction style format, dedicating more revenue to these efforts gives you a better chance at placing  first on Google. These ads then display alongside organic search engine results so the content isn’t as recognizable as an advertisement.

PPC + SEO = Success!

It’s worth noting that while a PPC campaign in itself can be beneficial to your web presence, it goes much further when it is backed by organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. The better the landing page, the lower your cost per click will be.

“The better the landing page, the lower your cost per click will be.”

The King of Conversions offers PPC advertising campaigns that allow your business to easily get more potential leads than other marketing techniques. Our PPC management team knows the ins and outs of the top search engines and what it takes to compete for the top placement in Google’s ad space listings.

When it comes to Pay Per Click conversions, the national conversion rate average is 1%, while 2% is considered to be a successful campaign. According to Google, our average conversion rate on desktop PPC ads is 4% while our mobile ads have a conversion rate of 5% making our program one of the best in the country.

Through utilizing location and keyword phrases, our Pay Per Click experts can tailor a campaign that attracts your ideal customer. By keeping up with our monthly Pay Per Click retainer services, your website will be updated frequently to ensure that your business stays in competition for that top spot.

Additionally, at the end of each month, you will receive a detailed report on how your Pay Per Click campaign performed. This report will include what your audience was searching for along with what other terms you may have overlooked could be beneficial. If you’re looking for a Pay Per Click campaign that yields results, you can’t get much better than the services at

It goes without saying that the more eyes you get on your business, the more potential leads can find your products and services. Reach a broader audience and connect with new customers today with the help of PPC at

Our Pay Per Click experts at can assist you reach your goals no matter your level of experience with PPC services may be. If your business does not currently have a Google AdWords account, our experts can set one up for you at a small cost. If you already have an account and would just like us to manage it, we can do that as well as evaluate your current campaigns to make sure they are running efficiently.

If you’re ready to get noticed online, Contact Us now, or call today at 630-553-0000 to get started.