– Redesigned

At long last our new website is online!

We have been in the process of building our new site for well over a year (off and on).  Over 13 people were directly working on the content and layout work and a multitude of people provided input from inside and outside of the company.  To all of those involved we are very grateful.  Their impact has been immense.  We had settled for our previous website design for far too long due to being too busy with current clients to get to our own site done.   But, we finally bit the bullet, put a lot of work on hold and dove in to get this redesign to happen for the New Year.

With the redesign we’ve added new products and services; such as our new Podcast Station, improved Construction Site, Social Media and Mobile Website design services, plus much, much more.   We scrutinized the navigation to try to deliver the large amount of information that we’ve developed over the years in the most intuitive way possible.  From the hidden Easter eggs incorporated into our homepage campus graphics to the depth of content that we provide regarding all of our services, our intent was to provide a website that showcases the modern design style that we are capable of while delivering a wealth of knowledge specific to the services and products that we create all in-house and still have the site be fun to look through. 

We’ve posted all sorts of videos to help our customers get to know our staff and learn a little about what we do. So come on in, have fun and learn how we can make your business’s online presence and experience as well. 

Now that we’ve finally gotten our website upgraded I want to continue to improve on our efforts, so please let me know what you think about the design and content on the site.


Eric Kinsey – Director of Design