What Makes a Website Design a Good One?

Hi Everyone!

We’ve all read articles on what makes a good website design worth it’s salt, but I wanted to let out our ideology of good website design.  It all revolves around understanding our clients marketing message, and creating a website that embraces that message the best it can, and making sure there is a call to action the visitor is compelled to take.  By organizing the information in a simple, easy-to-read method, along with graphics that emphasize the marketing message and make the site interesting, the site should lead to more knowledgeable and qualified visitors.

Look at website graphics in the same way you would look at the interior decoration of a retail store, -while the decor realistically has little impact on the quality product line of the store it is still an important aspect to the customers overall experience and part of what they will walk away with.  Therefore, your decor should be bold and colorful to make sure that it has an impact on the visitors, rather than look like the current trend in design which leans towards the more minimal, all white site designs. 

You also want the buttons to be big and touchable rather than just text links.  You want your user to remember your site by brand colors that appear outside of the logo and try to get large crip heading pictures into every homepage to help tell your story without saying a word. 

Your visitors are looking for a site that gives them the sense that they are looking at a professional company that shows them, rather than tells them, what they do, and how they do it better than the rest. 

While good, quality text and graphics is crucial, having related content and images organized in a way that it becomes a cohesive visual unit will convey that message much clearer and faster.  In addition, having well organized navigation with the intuitive placement of the ‘home’, ‘about’, ‘contact’, and other links makes for a much smoother customer experience overall.

So, in summary, a good design is one that incorporates:

  • Impactful graphic elements
  • Bold colors
  • Large compelling imagery
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Good visual organization
  • A strong call to action


Now all that is missing is getting you site listed on the search engines.  You can check that process out by clicking on the following: SEO and SMM