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What is the Not Secure Warning in Chrome 62

Avoiding the Not Secure Warning

As most business owners with a pulse on technology know, in August Google’s Search Console began sending notifications for non-https websites to get an SSL. The notification recommended that non-https sites should get an SSL implemented on their site to avoid a Not Secure Warning in Chrome that will be a part of Chrome 62’s release in October of 2017.

Don’t get hit by the Not Secure Warning in Chrome by getting your website an SSL before it’s too late. Call VisionFriendly.com today at (630)553-0000 or call (331)256-2241 to talk to our SSL hotline operator directly.

For existing VisionFriendly.com hosting customers, we have a direct email setup at [email protected] that you can email and just say “DO IT” in the subject line to approve the SSL implementation and to be invoiced accordingly. The SSL install will include a limited time $89 install fee and your first year’s $200 Thawte SSL Certification fee that will recur every year.

Why You Want To Avoid the Not Secure Warning from Chrome 62

SSL ManagementThe experience of navigating to a website and seeing a Not Secure Warning in the address bar is going to have a negative effect on users’ confidence in a website. Those not familiar with the criteria for that warning will most likely shy away from sites that get the warning. This will have a ripple effect on sales and business as users notice the warning more and more.

SSL Management
How Can An SSL Avoid the Not Secure Warning

An SSL will exempt your website from the Not Secure Warning in Chrome because your site’s text field submission forms will be encrypted according to the standards of an SSL. By securing your site with an SSL, your customer or site’s user information is safe and cannot be exposed to third parties via hacking or malware, in most cases. The main goal of making a site secure is to protect users submitting contact information and entering credit card information.

SSLs were primarily for financial transactions and secure data entry but Google has campaigned for a truly safe internet on any page with a form to be secure. Eventually, Google plans to implement the Not Secure Warning in Chrome on all pages with or without a form that are not https.

Get an SSL Today

To get an SSL for your website or to find out more about the Google Not Secure Warning in Chrome that is scheduled to roll out in October of 2017, call VisionFriendly.com today at (630)553-0000 or fill out the simple form on this page and we will get back to you shortly.

In addition to getting your SSL certificate installed, check out our ongoing security plans too to keep your site protected and up-to-date with the latest plugins and core software installs.

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