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Digital Marketing Services in Chicago

Professional Digital Marketing that Actually Works

VisionFriendly.com has grown to become the premier digital marketing company in the Midwest because of our dedication to our products and the quality customer service we provide. Every digital marketing product and strategy we offer we first tested and perfected on our own website. We know what works in the fast-paced realm of online commerce and we can help your company grow like never before with real results to exhibit your Return-On-Investment (ROI).

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Digital Marketing

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Real Digital Marketing from a Real Team of Experts

VisionFriendly.com does everything in-house, we never outsource. We do, from time to time make referrals to other companies for services we don’t offer. When it comes to the digital marketing services we do offer, we are the people doing the work. You can stop by anytime and visit if needed. Clients love being able to talk to the same team month after month and know we are here for them.

We involve multiple departments like SEO, Web Design, Web Development, even Video to accomplish different tasks in a digital marketing plan. Our communication is better than anyone in the industry when it comes to keeping our customers updated and informed. You can always count on talking to a person when you call too.

How Can You Measure Digital Marketing

Every company is different and everyone has different definitions of a successful campaign. We understand this multi-faceted approach and have assimilated as many metrics as we can to accommodate almost any goal set.

Depending on the digital marketing services being completed, we utilize, SEO rank tracking softwares, Google Analytics, Google Ad Conversion Tracking, Facebook Pixels and more to record and report increases and improvements in things like:

  • Overall Site Traffic
  • Collective Pageviews
  • Number of New Visits
  • Number of Returning Visitors
  • Entrances from organic search results
  • Entrances from paid ads (both search engine ads and remarketing ads)
  • Entrances/Referrals from Social Media
  • Time on Certain Pages +/-
  • Form Submissions
  • Click Through Rates (PPC)
  • Impressions (PPC)
"We were going to try digital marketing for just a little while and kept going because it worked so well."
- Steve, Customer since 2010

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