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Digital Marketing Firm Naperville

Digital Marketing Firm in Naperville


Digital Marketing is marketing that uses the internet to promote products and services.  Digital Marketing can include Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, E-mail Marketing, Website Design and Social Media.  Ideally, when a company can utilize several different marketing tools at once, the best results will be seen. 

When you’re ready to discuss Digital Marketing, call the experts at VisionFriendly.com.  We can be reached at 630-553-0000 or fill out the form on this page and one of our professionals will call you back.

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Search Engine Optimization

A great Digital Marketing tool is search engine optimization, also known as SEO.  This is the process by which unpaid traffic is driven to your site through search engines.  When the right keywords and phrases are used frequently, your company will be among the top companies to display in the search.  In order to use this Digital Marketing service effectively, one must understand their competition.  Your competitors are always going to be the ones that sell the same product or offer the same service but they will be the ones that use the same keywords and phrases.

It’s important to create content that is ongoing and tailored to your audience.  This doesn’t mean you have to put out brand new content each day but publishing new and unique content on a weekly or monthly basis will get you noticed.  As with most Digital Marketing services, consistency is key.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Many companies choose to start their Digital Marketing services with PPC or what’s known as Pay-Per-Click marketing.  This kind of marketing is geared towards those with a budget.  Pay-Per-Click is actually that, you pay per click on your link.  When a consumer is seeking a product or service, they will do an internet search for a keyword or phrase.  Ads will then display on the page which will draw the consumer to click.  Once they click, you pay for that click. 

Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads are some of the most popular with Digital Marketing.  The best part is setting a budget for these ads.  This kind of marketing allows you to be in charge of your budget.  If you set a $500 budget for the month, once your ads reach that maximum, your ad will stop showing up.  Pay-Per-Click also allows for specific target markets.  If you have any questions or concerns about Pay-Per-Click as a Digital Marketing service, call the professionals at VisionFriendly.com.  Our Digital experts are standing by to help answer all your questions.

Social Media

One of the most common Digital Marketing techniques is the use of marketing through Social Media.  Today, there are over 3.96 billion people who are active on social media.  Just shy of 4 billion people could potentially see your business just by logging onto their social media.  Social Media permits your brand to easily and conveniently get in front of people.  Social Media ads will help get consumers looking at your brand even when they aren’t thinking about it. 

A strong social media marketing strategy will get consumers talking about your brand or products.  When using social media as your Digital Marketing strategy, remember to engage your audience.  Reply to comments, like posts and communicate back and forth with the consumers.  The more interaction, the better.  One of the key investments into social media is really listening to your audience.  Encourage success stories.  So many people will turn to social media when something goes wrong because they know that’s the fastest way to get their word out.  However, if you focus on staying connected to your audience, you can encourage them to write (good!) reviews and share their happy consumer experience.  Happy followers turn into long time standing customers who ultimately will recommend your company or product when asked by friends and family.

E-Mail Marketing

An effective form of Digital Marketing is E-mail Marketing.  Essentially, a commercial message is sent through e-mail to advertise or promote a company or product.  Any e-mail sent to a potential customer is considered e-mail marketing.  Your e-mail doesn’t even have to offer a sale or discount.  If the e-mail contains information about the company, a product you sell or a service you offer, you’ve just engaged in e-mail marketing. 

Companies utilize e-mail marketing because it’s cost effective to do so.  Rather than sending out paper ads or newsletters, it’s much more budget friendly to send out an e-mail.  Another great reason to use e-mail marketing as a Digital Marketing tool is the ability to allow your consumers to opt out if they choose.  When you send an advertisement through snail mail, it’s unknown where it will end up.  It could be tossed into the garbage with other mail or simply misplaced.  Misplaced ads won’t do anyone any good.  If your promotion is sent via e-mail, the consumer can always refer back and if accidentally deleted, the chances of recovering the e-mail are high.

All the Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is more than just cost-effective, it’s an effective way to reach a larger audience too.  Whether you’re a small, medium or large size company, Digital Marketing can help drive traffic to your site, turn leads into sales and help promote your brand.  When Digital Marketing is done right, the payoff is substantial.  If you’re in need of marketing help, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at VisionFriendly.com.  With 22 years of experience, we have built our business around providing the best service we can to our customers. 

Companies using Digital Marketing strategies have 2.8 times better revenue growth according to Google.  If your budget doesn’t allow for you to use all the Digital Marketing tools, just start with one or two and as your revenues increase, add more marketing.  It never hurts to sell your company more.  Ads, ads and more ads will only help you. Don’t wait any longer, please fill out the form on this page or call us at 630-553-0000 so we can help your business grow. 

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