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5 Easy Ecommerce Website Design Tips

Ecommerce Design Tips to Improve Sales

Do You Feel Lucky... Well Do Ya?

Every successful website that sells products has one thing in common, a great design and user interface. From the time a user arrives on the website until they check out, there are easy tips to follow that can help drive the user to the cart, to the checkout, and to return easily. Here are a few tips we tell all our customer to consider when creating a new ecommerce website or updating one they already have.

1) Dude Where’s My Cart – If you look at sites like Amazon, Etsy, Overstock, Wayfair, you always see a few things: the cart or a checkout button. Having one or both of those with an item count or a sidebar with the items currently in the cart lets users know their stuff is organized and ready for them. Ecommerce website designs can forget to tell users they have things in the cart and that is when users leave. Never let a user go because they forgot they hadn’t checked out. Happens to everyone, you put things in a cart and then want to keep shopping later and you close that tab or window and its gone.

2) I Feel the Need, The Need for… That Thing Too – The easiest way to upsell an ecommerce sale is with related items. “People who bought this also bought…”. It creates a psychological need to “complete a set” so-to-speak. I can’t use bolts without nuts. Make sure your ecommerce website design includes both related items and alternative options in either price, size, power, or any other attributes that make it similar but there should be a key difference that a user can debate for themselves.

3) I Know What You Ordered Last Summer – Logins! Users that can easily check their orders’ status, return, order more, save payment info are 70% more likely to return because they know they can manage their orders in every aspect easily. Once a user commits to making a user login, they are committing to use it more than once to make it worth it. In most cases.

4) Pop Quiz Hot Shot – Speed is one of the MOST important things when it comes to ecommerce website design and user experience. If a site doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less, consider your page a failure. Users have places to go and people to see. Time is money, that whole thing. Ecommerce website users can’t wait around for a slow site to load when they know 5 other sites load better. Mobile being the #1 source of internet browsing and ecommerce, take EXTRA EXTRA care to make sure your site is as fast as possible on mobile devices.

5) Here’s Johnny! – Transparency is the key to customer loyalty. Nobody likes feeling blindsided, surprised, and/or shocked by a fee late in the checkout process. Don’t give a subtotal before the shipping is added. Make the address or at least the zip code required to give the final, REAL subtotal. Worse than that is a processing fee for digital items or tickets, etc. Angry shoppers that feel like they got taken advantage of for something they need or want will likely never return. If you have flat rate shipping on orders of a certain amount or even better FREE SHIPPING on certain items or order amounts, you should have that plastered all over the website. Cost of shipping with every company can be negotiated on a use basis. You just have to consider your profit margin against a $0 sale because of inflated or unreasonable shipping rates. Most ecommerce websites that don’t put shipping as a priority to get shipping as small as possible typically fail in the first 12 months from lack of sales.

Get Started on Your Ecommerce Wesbite

We hope these easy tips were clear and if you are interested in starting or updating your ecommerce website design with the help of real digital marketing experts, give VisionFriendly.com a call today at 630.553.0000 or fill out the easy-to-use form on this page and someone will get back to you shortly.

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