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Effective Websites Built on Effective Communication

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Avoid one of the most common mistakes of Online Marketing

When most business owners go to write the content for their website or blog, or social media channels, they tend to put on the sales hat and start pontificating on the new widget or special feature rather than discussing what each user that visits their page is really looking to find out.

Here is how you GRAB your audience [online, or off]

The first step that I would recommend for generating your website content is to find out why existing customers decided to work with you.  Use this answer in the reverse to discover what your headlines should say.  If they all said that you had the best price widget - then great, promote that as your first statement.  If they said that they thought your work was the best or that you were the most "friendly" seeming, then bring your messaging around to reflect that. To get into the right mind-frame for this I often suggest that you pretend that you were showing a friend some company's website and you are trying to give them the cliff notes of why you recommend that they check them out. This will put you in a very concise mindset, and directly emulates how you should be talking to your prospects.  "These guys [We] are great because...", "You won't regret working with them because..." These are answering the question that every prospect has "WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE THIS ONE"

What makes them so great?

We would say these types of comments to a friend browsing the site, but when it comes to writing our own headlines we end up defaulting to much less compelling statements like: "Quality and Service 19xx (since way before they cared)" or "The Premier Source for Service Y".  Neither of these answer that question.  The BEST APPROACH is usually to write the way you would talk and make your headlines be the same introductions you would state verbally.  Most consumers know that they want to work with a company that has integrity and good service, and most also know that if you have to say that you have it -that may be an indicator that you don't.  Whatever you do, please don't WELCOME your visitors to your site, they don't have shoes that they need to wipe on this statement.

To really convince a prospect...

We need assurances, "Our Work Is Guaranteed for Life", "Awarded Best In [insert industry here] 5 years Running" - these are much more enticing statements because you are backing it up and making the customer feel that they have less at risk.  Once you've helped them overcome the fear of working with a unfamiliar business, now you get down to the boasting of how great your widget is and how it will cure what ails them.  Credibility should come first or the audience may tend to read your "We Are Great" statements with cynicism as their knee-jerk reaction. So, in summary, when writing your website headlines, if you can: establish credibility, state why you are the best choice, and then have a compelling call to action you should be able to establish a good stream of new prospects on top of the customers that continue telling their friends about you.

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