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Employment Opportunities

Business Development and Marketing

Full Time

Ideal candidates will possess a skill set in analyzing statistics ideally with a good understanding of marketing and business to provide business recommendations to our customers. Great communication and a self-motivated mind set are keys to allow candidates to succeed in this roll. This position also requires a positive attitude and the ability to consistently be in communication with customers.

  • Outstanding Problem Solving Skills
  • Working Business and Marketing Knowledge
  • Organizational Skills
  • Desire to work at and understand Search Engine Optimization
  • Communication and People skills
  • Strong Understanding of the Internet

* Required

How to Apply:

If you're interested in a position with VisionFriendly.com, please email your résumé to [email protected].

VisionFriendly.com has a fast-paced but friendly working environment: We have great views, fun employees (except for Sean, who is always grouchy), and at least two monitors for everyone (Jason has six). We love employees that bring passion and innovation to our team and we despise cubicles!

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