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What Good Ecommerce Website Design Should Include

What should your ecommerce site include?

Good ecommerce website design can help you improve the customer experience by streamlining online shopping. When you sell your products online, it’s all about standing out from the competition and improving usability for your customers. You’ll want to make it as easy, convenient, and safe as possible to buy.

With that in mind, below are 7 non-negotiables that your ecommerce site needs. Including these features will help you to differentiate your website and improve your ecommerce business.

7 Features Good Ecommerce Website Design Should Include


Search functionality

Your customers may already have a good idea of the products they want to buy. If you force them to use the site’s navigation system, they may not see what they’re looking for immediately, giving them a reason to leave your site.

Allowing customers to bypass the site navigation and look directly for what they want gives them the flexibility to use your website the way they want and can ultimately keep them engaged.

Product ratings and reviews

You’re already expected to know how to market your business. Your audience may be slightly skeptical of some of what you have to say. Ratings and reviews give your audience a chance to discover what the others who have already used your product think.

They provide the social proof your audience needs before they purchase and help them along in the buyer’s journey. It’s a good idea to encourage ratings and reviews from your customers and then make them easy to access on your website.

Generous Return Policy

There’s no question, the shipping aspects of online shopping can complicate customer returns. But if you go out of your way to make this easier for your customers, they’ll take notice. What if you extended the time that customers were allowed to return items? What if you develop a “No questions asked” policy?

These can make online shopping easier and more convenient. If you include this in the product descriptions, it instills confidence in the quality of the product that becomes easier to trust.

Order Tracking

Your ecommerce brand is more than just the website experience. It’s what happens while your customers shop, how easy it is to order, and doesn’t end until a package arrives at their door. The goal is to create genuine excitement and anticipation for the product to arrive. When you provide the ability for customers to track packages, you provide another convenient touch point in the process.

Product Filters

Product filters encourage more purchases and ultimately result in more revenue for your business. They allow customers to search by things like price, size, shipping options, availability, or reviews. It makes it easier on your customer by allowing them to be able to search by the criteria that’s important to them. 

Gift Registries

Gift registries offer another way to simplify the customer experience and a way to significantly boost revenues by encouraging people to shop with you.


FAQs benefit both you and your customers, through the valuable information they provide. . Your customers can view the top-asked questions about products during the buyer’s journey, and you spend less time having to answer them yourself.

Let’s Talk About Ecommerce Website Design For Your Business

Good ecommerce website design is about much more than a pretty layout. It needs to be something that will improve the customer experience and encourage them to complete your calls to action. Do you want to find out what the web design experts at VisionFriendly.com can do for your ecommerce website? Contact us today!


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