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Holiday Marketing Checklist (COVID Edition)

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Get ready to drive better results this Holiday season!

This Holiday Season is likely to be much different than years past.  Online activity has grown even more popular since the COVID-19 pandemic, and people are buying more and more products online.

That can be really good news, if you are prepared to capture that opportunity. 

As with most of 2020, however, there is also bad news.  First, while more people are getting back to work, we still have many working less, or not at all.  Second, is the sheer amount of competition out there online for almost everything.

How do we deal with the 2020 Holiday Shopping Season?

We have made some changes to our annual eCommerce Checklist to help businesses take action this Holiday Season, connect with clients and grow revenue.


Many companies spend the first 3 quarters preparing for the Holiday Season.  If you haven’t created your plan yet, the time to act is now.  Here are some best practices for you to get started.

checkbox-image  Schedule a Digital Marketing Consultation to help you plan for the Holiday Season. Ready? Schedule a consultation now!

How has your business been impacted by 2020?
What is your Competition up to?

checkbox-image  Start running Google Ads (PPC) to help you reach more customers.

Review your Keyword Lists and Ad copy to meet the needs of your Holiday Shoppers.

checkbox-image  Use your existing email list to generate sales throughout the Season:

Create an email schedule to promote these offers to your audience.

checkbox-image  Give customers a reason to join your email list.

Use Social Media and your website to add email subscribers.
Offer a discount for new email subscribers.

checkbox-image  Create a Social Media strategy to increase overall brand awareness.

Run Paid Ads on Social Media Platforms that your target audience uses most.
Create a content strategy that captivates your audience and shows the unique value your company offers.

checkbox-image  Consider offering Free Shipping (which can dramatically increase website sales).

The sooner you get these activities in place, the more time you’ll have to focus on your customers in November and December.  Things will come up, it’s best to be prepared.


November is where the rubber meets the road.  Your online sales should be picking up, and it all comes down to capturing business.

checkbox-image  Set Abandoned Cart email reminders with automated discounts.

checkbox-image  Retarget website visitors with Google Display Ads.

checkbox-image  Create online only promotions for Cyber Monday, November 30th.

Test all website promotions and coupon codes to ensure accuracy.

checkbox-image  Use Social Media to promote gift ideas, grouped products or new subscription based products, as well as Cyber Monday promotions.

Fine tuning your user’s buying experience will help generate more revenue.  Put simply, make it as easy as possible to do business with your company.


The finish line is in sight, time to sprint

checkbox-image  Adjust Google Ad budgets and Keywords for December rush.

checkbox-image  Use Social Media to amplify your message.

Personalize content to your audience.  Talk with them, not at them.

checkbox-image  Send out weekly emails (if not more):

Reminder of Shipping Deadlines (Buy before 12/xx to receive gifts by 12/25).
· Using an actual countdown timer is a great touch
“Last Chance Deals”

checkbox-image  Change your display ads and homepage content to match the messaging of your social media and emails.

Having much of this work prepared early will help you navigate the end of year chaos, and try to end 2020 on a high note.


Many things have changed in 2020.  The need to evaluate your marketing investment remains crucial, probably even more so.  Don’t skip this step. 

checkbox-image  Review reporting from your different marketing channels.

  • What impact did each marketing platform have on sales?
  • How many overall impressions did it take to create a customer?
    • Did you get the appropriate ROI?
  • How well did you grow your social media/email audiences?

checkbox-image  What activities should continue all year, and which should be saved for the Holidays?

checkbox-image  Create a marketing plan for 2021 that incorporates some of your most effective tactics.

Is your company, and your website, ready for all of this?  If you have any questions about getting ready for the Holidays, feel free to give us a call at 630-553-0000 or contact us here >>

Above all, your partners at VisionFriendly.com wish you a healthy and happy Holiday Season!

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