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How Data-Driven Marketing With GA4 Supports Sales

Data-driven marketing decisions allow businesses to thrive in a competitive environment and create growth opportunities. As companies uncover vast amounts of consumer data, they gain new insights into behaviors and preferences that can drive sales.

With Google Analytics and the right data-driven approach, businesses can increase their online sales levels while improving customer satisfaction. Let’s take a look at how the transition to GA4 can help your business drive sales.

Make the Transition to GA4 Now (If You Haven’t Already)

One of the best resources available for valuable marketing data is Google Analytics. Google stopped sending marketing data to its legacy platform, Universal Analytics, on July 1. Businesses using Google Analytics that haven’t migrated to GA4 yet will need to do so in order to receive current marketing data.

While the transition is necessary, GA4 offers insights with new data that was previously inaccessible and the ability to make even more data-driven marketing decisions that support sales.

A Stronger Emphasis on the User Behavior

With Universal Analytics, data was covered in the form of a session. All activity within that session was grouped together and not easily decipherable. For example, page views, clicks, and form submissions are all recorded as hits, meaning that you can’t uncover what specific actions your visitors took.

Google Analytics 4 lifts the veil on this, giving businesses more visibility. The data made available from these interactions can help you optimize your site to better increase sales. You can see how individual customers behaved throughout various aspects of the marketing journey. This newly accessible information is also being used in more powerful ways.

Stronger Predictive Capability

With machine learning, your data can now be used to predict future actions. GA4 provides predictive capabilities in three areas:

Predictive Probability – GA4 will predict the probability of specific users active on your website in the last 28 days making a purchase within the next seven. This information can be used to create more powerful paid advertising campaigns.

Churn Probability – This is the probability that a user active on your site within the last seven days will not be active within the next seven. This information can be used to develop retargeting campaigns.

Revenue Predictions – This is the prediction of all purchases made by visitors active within the last 28 days within the next 28 days. This information can help you to personalize marketing efforts toward the more active users.

You Get More Visibility Into The Customer Life Cycle

With Google Analytics 4, you get more insight into individual user activities, but you also can understand their usage across your website, mobile applications, and social media platforms. Understanding the evolution of the journey from social media or search to the website or application – and finally to the purchase can help you to better understand your marketing campaigns. All of this can help you optimize your efforts and drive sales.

Hire VisionFriendly.com For GA4 Migrations

The clock is ticking when it comes to transitioning from Universal Analytics to GA4. As of July, Google is no longer collecting user data on Universal Analytics. This means it’s imperative to move now, if you would like to enjoy the benefits of data-driven marketing. 

The experienced VisiontFriendly.com analytics team is helping companies migrate their data to GA4. For more information, contact us today!


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