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How to Optimize Your Website to Generate More Leads

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So, you got a customer to your website.  They either found you on Google, clicked on one of your social media ads or email newsletters, but you’ve got them.  They are learning about your products and services.  But, are they making purchases? 

You may now be asking, ‘Why aren’t more people buying?’ or, ‘Why haven’t I seen a lead in weeks?’

Because you’re still reading, you can relate to this concern, at the very least.  The process of improving your website’s sales performance is known as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  When done well, CRO combines your knowledge of your industry, business and customers with proven best practices and objective data from your website to generate more revenue.

Below are quick and effective things you can do today to get more leads.

3 Things You Can Do to Improve Conversions on Your Website

1. Simplify and Highlight Calls-To-Action

Your goal is to have your customers fill out a contact form, call you or complete a purchase on your website.  The easier you make that process; the more people will choose to do business with you (Tip #1)

  • How easy is it for customers to find your products/contact form/phone number?
    • Adjust the color of contact buttons to help them stand out.
    • Make sure you have at least one contact button on screen before your customer has to scroll
    • Make sure your phone number is clickable
  • How much contact information are you asking for?
    • Limit the number of fields on a contact form to four. Anything more can cause a reduction in submissions.
    • Let them know that you won’t give their information to anyone else. Make them feel safe doing business with you.

2. Paint a Picture for Your Customer

Your website is a salesperson who works for your company 24/7, communicating the value of your products and services. The words on your website matter A LOT, but their importance is often overlooked.

Is your website content talking to your customers needs?  Or, is it all about you?  Focus your website content on how you can help your customer (Tip #2).

We have built over 700 websites, and one of our biggest challenges is getting good written content for them. We understand why, our customers are running successful businesses.  It’s hard to carve out time to eat lunch, let alone write content for your website. 

The reality is that this is important.  If you are really struggling to find time, here’s a little secret.  Many people only read the headlines and the bullet lists anyway.  Start there.

3. Abandoned Cart Emails

(This tip is a little more advanced, but easily actionable.)

There are many reasons why online shoppers add items to their shopping cart without completing the buying process. They could be checking final pricing, shipping terms, etc.  Perhaps they got distracted.  We’ve also found that many shoppers choose to abandon their shopping carts anticipating an abandoned cart email providing a discounted offer.

The best reason for creating abandoned cart emails is because they work.  We’ve trained customers to watch for them and it is likely that your competitors are already doing this.  You need to be retargeting customers who started to buy, but didn’t finish. (Tip #3)

An Abandoned Cart Email process can be applied using one of several WordPress plugins.  If you need our help, please give us a call.


If you aren’t already measuring conversions or leads using Google Analytics, read this article for easy setup instructions. https://www.visionfriendly.com/blog/is-your-website-helping-you-sell/

Final Thoughts
Every business is looking to increase revenue. There are not many places where an investment of an hour or two can make a long-lasting impact on your bottom line.  By making some of these small changes, you can increase your chances of turning that website visitor into a paying customer.

You may need some help along the way.  For help with any of these tips, or for a free analysis of your current conversion process, give us a call at (630) 553-0000 or simply contact us here.

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