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Website Analytics

Using Analytics to your advantage

Understanding your online traffic patterns

Being able to understand how user interact with your website is an under-utilized tool for many business owners.  Our Analytics team is certified in the most advanced ways to bring meaning and value to the data your website is trying to share.  

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Free base google analytics setup

Better Conversions, higher engagement

We install a base version of Google Analytics on every website that we create.  This allows you to view how people are hearing about your website, the pages they visit and how much time they spend on your website overall.

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Goal setting and event tracking

Information you need to help you succeed

One important enhancement that can add tremendous value for your website analytics is tracking Goals and Events.  We get to know what you’re trying to gain through your website, and set up specific tracking to help you measure success

Traffic segmentation

Better conversions, higher engagement

For our marketing partners with more advanced needs, the ability to segment their website data is a must.  VisionFriendly.com can help you organize your data into segments, even create custom metrics and dimensions that help you better understand your users.

Heatmaps and visitor recording

Detailed statistics to help you better engage your userbase

Heatmaps and Visitor Recording help you understand the user experience in a whole new way.  Heatmaps allow you to see how far users scroll down your page, where they click and more.  Visitor recordings allow you to see a recording of the full customer session, including mouse movements and page navigation.

Keep an eye on your competition

Know Your Opponents

Competitive analysis is used by companies across the world to help make better strategic decisions.  The VisionFriendly.com digital marketing team can help you better understand your competitive landscape, and make marketing decisions that produce results.  Would you like to:

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Expert analysis at your fingertips

tools to better understand your customers and competitors

VisionFriendly.com uses the latest technology to help you understand how your customers are getting to your website, and how they’re getting to your competitor’s website as well.  Begin your partnership with VisionFriendly.com Digital Marketing specialists today.

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