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Google Ads Management in Naperville

Google Ads are the easiest way to send users from search engines to your pages in the shortest amount of time. Once you set up a Google Ads campaign, you set your monthly budget and what keywords you want to show up for. You can target certain towns, demographics, keyword combinations or exact phrases, general terms or really specific terms. VisionFriendly.com’s Google Ads Management program takes care of all the research and the labor so you just have to turn the campaign on and off at will.

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How to Get Qualified Traffic From Paid Ads

Google Ads allows for you to get visibility quickly and you only pay for the clicks you get. Impressions, or users seeing your ads cost nothing. However, data is recorded on how many impressions vs clicks you received to refine your ads to perform better and better over time. Along with tweaking the ads for conversion, you can also target only specific types of users with demographic targeting or very specific search parameters with exact search options. This qualifies your traffic to only be users that are looking for your company’s products or services.

"Google Ads worked better than we had hoped. We got more calls and site traffic by the third month than we had in the first two quarters of the year."
- James, Google Ads Customer since 2015

Affordable Google Ads Management

All of our management costs are flat rates that include a set number of hours to complete our adjustments, reports, and recommendations each month based on your budget and target phrases. Your budget for clicks goes directly to Google and is charged directly so you know exactly what you are using each month without having to ask.

Every month we send you a detailed report of the previous month including clicks, impressions, and spend.

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