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Internet Security

In today's world you can hear the news about websites being hacked nearly weekly if not daily. Making your website secure is becoming almost as important as locking your front door. Therefore we are doing everything possible to make sure your site is secure.

SSL Management

There are a number of ways people (bad people) can access your website. When hosting with us we make sure your core site is secure. However, as soon as someone fills out a form or you update your site along with a dozen other examples the door to your site becomes open. Fortunately we can block anyone from seeing or reading your data by encrypting it with a SSL Certificate.

SSL ManagementStarting in October 2017, a new release of Chrome (Version 62) will show a "NOT SECURE" warning in the address bar when users enter a page on your site that has a form. Basically, what this means is that if your site does not use an SSL certificate, then your site is not secured. More importantly, this new warning is just the beginning of a long term plan to mark all non-SSL encrypted pages as "not secure".

About half of all desktop Internet users use Chrome as their web browser and it is widely believed that the other three major browsers, will follow Chrome's example.

SSL Management
Fixing the Problem
SSL Management

You can fix this problem and make your entire site secure by installing an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate and then direct all traffic to the secured path. If you host with us, we can do that for you or you can contact your hosting or IT provider.

What you should do

If you Host with VisionFriendly.com, we can get the Certificate and link your pages. We charge $180 for this migration service, but for September and October 2017 we have lowered the price to $89. There is also an annual fee of $200 for the Thawte SSL Certification, so make sure you're prepared to move forward.

You can call our VisionFriendly.com SSL Hotline at 331-256-2241. Or simply email us at [email protected] and enter "DO IT" in the subject line.


By having a Trusted Site you will prevent these security warnings from making your website visitors nervous. Moreover, by adding an SSL to the VisionFriendly.com website, we experienced an SEO visibility increase of about 5%. Thus, giving you a jump on your competition.

For more information about SSL's go to SSL Management.

Bottom Line

Now that we are addressing the SSL solution for site appearance and security outside your site, this may also be a good time to look in other site protection plans for things like incremental nightly back-ups, Malware and Hack scanning, WordPress plug-in updates, black list monitoring, among many other protection procedures.

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