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Your brand new website has just been launched. The site looks great, it is fully functional for mobile devices as well as desktop and your marketing message is clear across your site. It has everything an online searcher can ask for, but how are you going to drive more traffic to your website? What are the next steps? The answer is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

If your site is not bringing in the traffic you seek or you would like to increase your site’s overall search engine visibility, contact the SEO experts at VisionFriendly.com today at 630.553.0000 and let’s get your website noticed!

SEO Experts

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Why do I need SEO Experts?

Having a new, mobile friendly website with clean code is a good start, but it is not going to continue to generate traffic and increase visibility without a continuing SEO strategy. There are keywords and search terms you will want your site to rank for and if your website is not giving the search engines what it wants, you could be losing traffic to your competition that is ranking for those keywords and phrases.

"We have more calls than we can handle after optimizing with SEO landing pages."
- Rachel, Customer since 2003

The SEO Experts at VisionFriendly.com stay on top of all the search engine guidelines and develop optimization strategies that not only conform to those guidelines, but also help increase your website’s visibility. Another very important and overlooked point of having an SEO strategy and SEO experts optimizing your site, are SEO penalties. Having a site that doesn’t abide by search engine guidelines could result in penalties from those search engines, potentially having devastating results.

Here at VisionFriendly.com, our SEO experts can evaluate your site and work with you to optimize your site. Our SEO campaigns can improve:

  • Overall Site Traffic
  • Collective Pageviews
  • Number of New Visits
  • Number of Returning Visitors
  • Entrances from organic search results
  • Entrances from paid ads (both search engine ads and remarketing ads)
  • Entrances/Referrals from Social Media
  • Time on Certain Pages +/-
  • Form Submissions
  • Click Through Rates (PPC)
  • Impressions (PPC)

VisionFriendly.com’s SEO Experts

With an ongoing SEO strategy and VisionFriendly.com’s SEO experts optimizing your site, the digital marketing aspect of your website will be as easy as possible on you and your business. For more information on our Search Engine Optimization plans and strategies, call the SEO experts of VisionFriendly.com today at 630.553.0000.

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