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How can a VisionFriendly.com Blog help your company?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is probably one of the biggest advantages of having a corporate blog. Because blog content is updated frequently, blogs have some built-in search engine benefits. The blogging culture also encourages linking to other blogs, which can also improve your rankings in search results.

Thought Leadership. A great blog can position your company and key employees as thought leaders within the industry, which puts your company in a position of greater authority within your industry.

Here are a few things to think about before getting a blog:
  1. Can you commit to at least one post per week? (2-3 is better)
  2. Do you have people who have interesting things to say and with good writing skills?
  3. Is someone available to manage the process and make sure that the blog never gets neglected?
  4. Manage the blog process by having someone who already manages content for other purposes also pick up management of the blog.

What do you get with a VisionFriendly.com Blog?

A VisionFriendly.com Blog includes:

  • Blog set up on website – the address would be www.DomainName.com/blog
  • Installation and Set Up
  • 1 Administrative Username and Password
  • Usernames and Passwords for Authors – up to 5
  • Your First Blog Entry
  • About the Blog and the Company Content Page (Can be edited later)
  • Hosting of the blog is included.  If you want a custom URL specifically for your blog, there would be an additional charge for the domain and the hosting.
  • One Time Education Session with User on functions of blog, posting, creating links, editing, responding to comments and more.

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