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Custom Development

What We Can Provide

Do you have a unique business process or service offering that just doesn't fit into an off-the-shelf solution? Whether you're a startup with a novel idea or an established business owner with a need to automate parts of your operation, our team can work with you to:

  • Tailor the scope of your project to your expected user base
  • Identify whether potential revenue sources are sound or speculative
  • Create wireframes/mockups
  • Minimize unneeded complexity and cost
  • Seperate the project into practical phases to allow for early testing

From real estate auctions to rental space tracking to user-generated social video apps, VisionFriendly.com has the combined business, design, and technical expertise to take your unique idea from start to finish.

Improved Functionality

Once a website is designed and the pieces start coming together, our website development team provides all the programming necessary to assure the function and security of the website.

The website development department's programming can include dynamic database driven websites, e-commerce business websites, client-side or server side scripting, and of course security for website content.

Improved Functionality and Security

Having the resources to design, build, develop and optimize websites is what separates VisionFriendly.com from everyone else. Our pinnacle backbone comes from the Web Developers who maintain the continued function and security of our websites.

VisionFriendly.com Web development refers to "web development" for those activities that are the non-design aspects of building web sites, e.g. writing code and designing databases. Our web development team works side by side with our Server Technicians to get optimal performance out of our websites, going as far as dedicating entire servers to only hold certain types of web development sensitive websites.

Web Development includes the following areas:

Client Side Coding

AJAX Provides new methods of using JavaScript, server side languages (e.g.ASP.Net or PHP) and other languages to improve the user experience.

Adobe Flash Player is a ubiquitous client-side platform ready for RIAs. ActionScript allows programmatic access to Flash objects.

JavaScript, formally called ECMAScript, JavaScript is a ubiquitous client side programming tool.

jQuery, a JavaScript framework, provides a new level of manipulation of DOM elements.

Server Side Coding
Database Technology