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E-Commerce Development

Custom E-Commerce Development
Built to Order

  • Confused about how to take your business online?
  • Wary of mixing and matching third-party shopping cart software, gateway processors, and merchant accounts?
  • Unsure about Online Security?
  • What PCI Compliance requirements are you subject to? Which questionnaire do you fill out?

While there are a number of software products available, many of these E-Commerce software options only address a single step of the process and leave you with no help in figuring out what to do next. Luckily, our knowledgeable development team is prepared to guide you through this process and offer some of the most flexible E-Commerce options on the market.

To learn more about our E-Commerce offerings and how your website can benefit from our services, please call VisionFriendly today at 1-630-553-0000.

What We Offer

At VisionFriendly.com, our team proudly offers an integrated and customizable E-Commerce solution that perfectly coincides with your site. We offer our clients the opportunity for a professional and sophisticated E-Commerce solution that won't break the bank. Our open source E-Commerce solutions are customized to mesh well with your company needs. We take care of integrating these solutions into your E-Commerce website so you can focus on what truly matters — running and improving your business.

We offer customers a shopping cart software option that is integrated with a set of user-friendly administration tools that allow you to easily process orders or make changes to how your products are displayed.

Friendly Commerce

A customized version of the ever-popular WooCommerce, Friendly Commerce is an easily added shopping cart solution that offers a wide number of features for both administrators and users. Our development team extends the base software to make editing, updating and adding new products easy enough for any business owner. We also make improvements to the interface and other performance improvements to better your experience.


While FriendlyCommerce offers a balance of E-Commerce and CMS capabilities, V-Commerce focuses almost entirely on E-Commerce. V-Commerce is the solution of choice for highly customized solutions or large product databases. V-Commerce uses ASP.NET (MVC) with a Microsoft SQL Server backend database.

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