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Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps

There is no doubt that mobile phones and tablets have revolutionized the way we find information, access services, and interact with each other.  The acknowledgement of mobile users in your business plan is now mandatory.

What Can We Provide?

Given the sheer variety of devices, VisionFriendly.com will work with you to create mockups of your app as it would look in the most recent and popular devices. From there, we can decide whether we are going for a "native" feel vs a user experience that is unique to your business. We will also identity which device features are critical to your users, such as geographic mapping, offline access, and camera/video integration.

Application Services

Finally, the process would not be complete without the inclusion of your app to Google Play and iTunes. VisionFriendly.com takes care of the entire process for you so that you don't need to worry about submitting content ratings, screenshots, etc.

Whether you consider a mobile app to be an extension of your website content or the primary means by which your customers access your services, VisionFriendly.com works to ensure that the end product works smoothly for customers on-the-go.

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