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Website Analytics and Statistics

Another area of interest once your site is up and running is keeping track of site traffic. VisionFriendly.com offers 2 types of website analysis tools that can tell you just about everything you need to know about your Web Traffic.

Free Statistics

As part of your hosting package with VisionFriendly.com you receive a Free Stats basic user tracking package. Information about number of visitors, length of stay, etc. is available. But for more detail and added flexibility in reporting tools we suggest subscribing to our Google Analytics Stats package. Charts and graphs show you what search engines your hits are coming from and also the average time a user spends reading your information. The Summary shows totals and averages for Sessions, Pageviews, Hits, and Bytes for the currently selected Date Range.

Google Analytics customized Statistics package

Our Analytics specialists are just that -specialized in understanding the details of the reporting to offer more than just fancy pie charts, but actual understanding and recommendation of what you can do to gain more traffic, better conversions and higher engagement from your visitors. Our staff is also fully Certified in Googles Analytics Training in basic and Advanced level techniques so that you can feel comfortable that they know their stuff.

Advanced Google Analytics Certified

>We work to make understanding your online traffic patterns easy. As part of our statistics setup we insert the code that Google needs on each page of your site and also work with you to establish conversion goals so that we can track the results that our marketing efforts have for your business. Additionally, we setup filters to allow you to see the real data on your site and not just junk spam traffic.

For More Details, Please See Your Account Representative.

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