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VF-Inspector Email Filtering

VF-Inspector 2.0

Our email filtering service, VF-Inspector 2.0, sits in line with your email traffic and works behind the scenes to help prevent spam and viruses from reaching your inbox. The service will notify you via scheduled email updates when there is spam in your message center. From there you can manage your spam and junk email messages and determine if they are worth reading. All of this is done without the need to constantly install or update software on your computer, giving you more time to address emails that are actually important.

Spam Filtering

VF-Inspector 2.0 has built in methods of detecting spam emails. Controlled by an aggressiveness slider, users can determine their own level of aggressiveness that needs to be taken to prevent spam, or let us set one for you. Through the use of Black Lists and White Lists, users can also guarantee that messages are automatically filtered or received by certain senders.

No messages are ever deleted by VF-Inspector 2.0, instead they are kept in a message log that can viewed through our message center interface. These messages can then be released to your inbox if they have been mistaken for spam.

VF-Inspector 2.0 Aggressiveness Slider

Virus Protection

Like spam emails, VF-Inspector 2.0 also helps prevent virus infected emails from reaching your inbox. Opening a virus infected email can cripple your computer. Causing frustration, and loss of time and money. VF-Inspector 2.0 can help save you from replacing your computer or files, before it’s too late.

Message Center

Both Virus and Spam Infected email messages are quarantined away from your computer in a secure, web-based message center.

VF-Inspector 2.0 Control Panel
Need Help?

Click Here for a complete user manual for VF-Inspector 2.0. Also you can call us here at VisionFriendly.com at 630-553-000 for assistance or E-mail [email protected] for any further questions.

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