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Friendly Web Brand Image
Friendly Web brand Image

Getting found on Google and other search engines is one of the most common ways for customers to do business with you. But what happens if there is incorrect business information out there that customers could see with incorrect phone numbers, addresses and other vital information?

Friendly Image is designed to help combat incorrect or duplicate listings and information on the internet that could cost you business. Through VisionFriendly.com's Friendly Image services we can help create additional business listings and clean up your existing listings. We are also able to analyze any negative reviews regarding your business and assist with improving or removing those reviews through effective web brand management.

out with the bad and in with the good
  • Generate accurate business listings on a growing list of business directories.
  • Create complete and detailed social media profile.
  • Monitor search engines for negative results and formulate a positive action plan.
  • Create review and feedback systems to promote positive reviews and filter out negatives.
  • Educated customers about positive social media practices.
  • Consistently post positive articles and content targeting negative search terms.

  • How does web brand management work?

    Our team of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media specialists will discuss your business with you and determine what information is vital to your business and improving your websites brand image. After a short interview they will begin to develop directory listings and social media profiles all relating to the business and begin cleaning up duplicate or inaccurate listing on Search Engines.

    Through our process we can focus search results to target local cities surrounding your business and service area. By using a location to narrow the pool of search results we have a better chance of producing top search engine results for your business's critical information. By utilizing more specific keywords we can eliminate more general or vague results that are unrelated to your business or target market and further improve your websites brand image.

    Web Brand Management

    Friendly Image Set Up
    • Initial Consultation and Interview to Gather Vital Information
    • Create Accurate Business Directory Listings on 50+ Websites
    • Create Google Maps, Facebook and LinkedIn Profiles
    • Full Review of Listings for Accuracy, Duplicates, and Negative Business Reviews with Listings Report
    • Recommendations to Correct Negative Business Reviews
    * To verify that you are the owner of the business Emails, Texts, or Phone Calls from 3rd party sites may be required to verify your accounts.
    Friendly Image Plus
    • Continuously Monitor Business Listings for Accuracy, Duplicates and Negative Business Reviews
    • Recommendations to Correct Negative Business Reviews
    • Regularly Update the Content of Business Listings

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