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WordPress / CMS

Content Management Done Right

We work with most Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market, and can customize these systems to whatever extent you may need. We build our CMS sites the “right way” meaning that they retain the ability to have ongoing core software updates performed to keep up with best practices of the industry to keep your data protected from hackers. This also makes the resulting code portable and non-proprietary which is good for future-proofing the work we do.

With a new site from VisionFriendly.com you’ll get the best of both worlds; A fully editable CUSTOM website design with the most user-friendly interface around, plus the dedicated support staff to take care of your business's changing needs.

Why WordPress

WordPress CMS Websites When we look at what interface will best suite our clients, the answer is obvious: WordPress. We make this recommendation primarily because it is the most popular content management system with over 60% of current market share. This is primarily because WordPress is really the easiest content management interface to use.

There are a myriad of CMS systems out there and we support most of them. We put WordPress ahead of the other options to make sure that we stay ahead of the curve of technology and create sites that can easily grow with the ever changing internet. This is the primary reason for our WordPress recommendation. It is designed to allow updates to the core software without a lot of overhead to make upgrades (as many others like Drupal or Joomla have) as the core updates can prove troublesome. During core updates, the plugins can be a problem too, as there aren't always newer versions of the same plugin.

WordPress CMS WebsitesPlugin and the Open Source Community

With the marketplace of open-source plugins and extensions available for WordPress we will be able to save substantial costs when we go to add functionality to the site(s) because we won’t have to start from scratch when building a given feature.

CMS Revision Control

If there are issues found with changes performed on the site we can always undo by moving back through the revision backups built into the admin system. This allows you to see specifically who changed a page, and even compare the old to the new versions. It is truly a granular control of the site content.

There are also methods put in place to retain the flexible ‘responsive’ design model so that even without special steps being taken, images and tables will be flexible for mobile device display.

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