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How to Leverage Social Media for Brand Exposure

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Are you using Social Media as a way to strategically broadcast and expand your brand? 

Many of your competitors are posting on Social Media just because they think they are supposed to. Applying meaningful strategies to your social media pages will help you gain an upper hand.

Strategic use of social media content can help you reach out to clients outside of your current follower base, increasing your company’s visibility and gaining ground in new markets.

Meaningful Social Media Marketing will help you better communicate with new audiences who may not be aware of your brand.

For example, on Facebook…
Posting organic content on your Facebook Business Page can help expose your brand to Followers and (with the help from those that engage with your posts) create potential third-party users, encourage them follow your page, and ultimately increase the chances of clients choosing to do business with your company.

The goal is to use creative images, videos, and messaging that will help cause users to engage with you, by Liking, Commenting, or Sharing your posts. And the more users engage with your posts, the more of your Followers will see your posts on their Facebook timelines.

Be where your customers are.
There’s no doubt that traditional marketing for small business has changed in the last 30 years. Back then, some examples of small business advertising consisted of local TV, radio, print ads in local newspapers, magazines, door hangers, and postcards.

Although some of that advertising can still be effective, depending on the audience, it can also be costly. As online tools have become widely used, and easier to access using mobile devices, advertising has also gravitated towards audiences spending more time browsing the web and spending large amounts of time on social media channels. And now, more than ever before, more consumers are using social media as part of their daily routine.

According to recent social media usage reports, 51% of U.S. adults are using social media at higher rates during the Coronavirus pandemic.*

Organic Content versus Sponsored Ads. There’s a need for both.
Posting organic content onto your Facebook Business Page is good practice. With an active page, you’re not only sharing information about your business to potential customers, but also letting them know that there’s more information you plan to share if they choose to follow your page.

Although posting organic content is valuable, running ad campaigns (sponsored posts) using Facebook’s Ads Manager service will give your brand even more exposure. With Facebook advertising, you’re able to target ads to Facebook users new to your brand and those that have interests and behaviors that fall in line with your line of business.

Advertising on Facebook is still affordable and is one of today’s most efficient ways to increase brand exposure.

For help with your social media strategies, call our knowledgeable representatives at 630-553-0000. They’ll be happy to discuss your business objectives and give you recommendations on what steps to take to improving brand recognition and company reputation.

* social media usage report source: eMarketer.com https://bit.ly/31Z5C3N

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