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The Four Stages of a Company Website. Where Do You Rank?

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After 20 years in the website design business, we’ve seen it all. By the looks of some website designs that we’ve come across, we can almost determine the designer’s skill level and the approximate length of time the company has been in business.

By reviewing some business websites, it’s easy to place them in a predefined website design phase. At VisionFriendly.com, we call these ‘The Four Stages of a Company Website’.

Stage 1: “The Start-Up” (1-2 years in business)
Website Needs: A new business that recognizes the need of a website, to introduce the brand and service offerings.
Recommended Website Design Solution: Website design duties are often performed by the business owner, someone they can trust, or someone that isn’t costly.

Stage 2: “The Up-and-Comer” (2-5 years in business)
Website Needs:
 A business that is taking a more serious approach to their website presence, especially when it comes to running common website business functions, such as eCommerce and appointment scheduling.
Recommended Website Design Solution: These types of website functions often require advanced design knowledge, which is often possessed by a skilled freelance designer.

Stage 3: “The Determined” (5+ years in business)
Website Needs: A business that believes their website should be accomplishing more. Compared to the earlier stages, this website design and functionality is more advanced and accommodates the needs of their core customer base.
Recommended Website Design Solution: The website design during this phase is handled by an experienced website design agency, like VisionFriendly.com.

Stage 4: “The Staple” (10+ years in business)
Website Needs: A well-established business that may require consistent website maintenance.
Recommended Website Design Solution: The need of daily updates and required enhanced features may justify hiring an in-house employee for website maintenance or working with an experienced firm, depending on cost.

As the stages describe, the Start-up’s website may have only a few pages, with a handful of images, general descriptions… a basic website that does the trick of getting a customer to find them on the Internet.

Unlike the Start-up, the Determined company may choose to instead hire a website design company (like VisionFriendly.com) to create a new, professional-looking website that gives their customer base the type of perception they need. Using rich imagery and unique functionality, companies can improve their branding and take full advantage of digital marketing tools.

What’s at Risk here?
In short, you’re at risk of missing out on new clients. As your company matures, your online presence needs to evolve with it, giving your potential customers an accurate understanding of the quality of work you provide.

Do you know which stage your company is at these days? Is it time for your company to consider moving on to the next website design stage? Find out where your business website design level should be, by calling 630.553.0000 or contact us here >>

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VisionFriendly.com is a Chicago digital marketing agency with over 25 years of experience helping clients nationwide. We have an in-house team of marketers and creatives ready to improve your business’s marketing operations.

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