The Top 5 Reasons Clients Buy

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And How to Influence Those Conversions with Good Marketing Messages

Good messaging is increasingly important for small businesses to stand out and to get conversions for their website / business, but do you know what the key factors are to actually change your audience's mind?

The top contenders for why customers make a buying decision go far beyond the polish of your design, or even your unique selling proposition (USP).  

  1. Trust is by far the biggest key factor involved in conversions. This comes from a combination of sources from certifications to social proof. 
  2. Exposure from multi-channel marketing campaigns or other visibility tactics plays a big factor here as well. Impressions matter more than many businesses realize. 
  3. Reputation found in customer referrals and online reviews. More than 70% of purchasers tend to check reviews before buying. 
  4. Price-point will always have a place in the effectiveness of the sale, but if the other items on this list are better they may be willing to pay more to get the job done right.
  5. Pain-points how much your product/service will improve their situation. Harder to control, but also a major influence on when the sale happens. Again if you understand their struggle better you may win out from that alone.

Even the most polished marketing can try too hard and end up being perceived as an infomercial-style sales approach if you're not careful. So to get the best website conversions you must strike the right balance between compelling marketing message and a professional presentation to drive that trust.  The problems start when companies take the "professional" aspect of this too far and remove the casual conversation from the text on their marketing. For example: at the top of a Request a Quote form, which text would make you more likely to fill out? 

"Please fill out the form below and a representative will get back to you shortly"
- or -
"Send us your contact info and let's start the conversation!"

Obviously the more casual the marketing the better the clients will relate to it. A key concept is to try to narrate your site to others and see what you'd say if you were giving a tour of your pages.  Your copy should read the same.  This warm personal approach will influence your clients to be more comfortable/trusting and be more likely to engage with your forms, social, purchase, etc.

The same is true for your design. Making your design impactful and 'outside of the norm' will help your message be more memorable, but you also want to make the conversion points 100% intuitive so that they are not searching for the next step.

So you want to meet the industry status-quo, but also strike a chord with your visitors as a unique solution to their need.  This is why hiring a great website design / marketing firm can make all the difference. 


Why Good Design & Messaging Matter So Much

We think about good design in very much the same way. We want our website to be easy to use and understand. Good design doesn’t just apply to the internet, either. Your business plan and the process by which your company operates has to be designed. Friendly phone etiquette,  employee dress code, the layout of your business card, and even the interior design of the business — are all examples of customer service design in action. And all of these play into your clients appreciation of your 5 conversion factors above. 

What Your Design Says About your Business

Good website design should always start with good messaging.  This should be the cornerstone of any digital marketing efforts. Without your designer understanding your brand you will have little chance of the public being able to 'get' your unique stance in the industry. 

Believe it or not, design is intrinsically connected to customer service and reputation. Good design is easy to use, and easy to understand. Businesses with great service have it because they designed their customer experience.  Think about a doorbell — would a someone ring the bell if it was covered in paint? Or on the wrong side of the door? Probably not, they would miss it and knock - which you wouldn't hear and they then go away wondering what happened. Because the doorbell is simple to use and because we have been conditioned to look for it in the same spot, this makes it intuitive. 

The more direct and to the point your marketing is the better you will capture your clients attention. That will always be the most effective approach in driving conversions.   State why you are the best, then back that up with real examples, add a splash of  credibility, and a clear process for your customers to get started. They are visiting your site because they want to know why they should choose your company over the other options available to them.  All you need to do is tell them why you are the best choice and have a few other components to lend credibility and you will get their business.

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Eric started working at VisionFriendly.com in 2004 doing front-end web designs. He developed a methodology for effective search engine optimization (SEO) and established a new department for the company. Eric’s success in growing the company lead to him becoming the president of VisionFriendly.com

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