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Internet Browser / Mobile Device Requirements
for viewing TV.D131 LIVE video webcasts:

Desktop Computers:
Internet Explorer version 9.0+
Firefox version 26.0+
Chrome version 21.0+
Safari 7.0.2 on Mac
Adobe Flash plug-in must be installed and activated.
Click the large Play icon to connect to the video stream. The video will appear within 5 seconds.

A personal WiFi or public 4G internet connection is recommended for viewing live video on mobile devices.

iPad, iPhone and iPod: Use Safari. Touch once within the video player graphic. The live video may load via the default Quicktime enabled video player. Newer devices will play the video directly on the page without using Quicktime application.
Note: If the video does not appear, most likely the live stream is offline.

Alternative live streaming source for mobile devices is available via the "Click here..." button underneath the video player.

Android Devices: Use Chrome app. Touch once within the video player graphic. The live video may load directly on the page. On older devices and app versions, Chrome may redirect to a separate video page and display a small video player on the screen. The video player may reference "playlist.m3u8," and is correct. Touch the triangle Play icon to begin the live stream.

If you can't see the live video during the scheduled broadcast time, please refresh the browser and attempt a new connection to the stream. If that fails, please try a different browser and try updating your Adobe Flash Plug-in: Click Here to download

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