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Website Analytics and How It Can Help Your Business

Website Analytics: How It Can Help Your Business

Let’s talk about your website design. When you look at your company website, you might say that it looks fine, right? It has everything it needs to show and communicate… right? But, is it really doing what it’s supposed to be doing? Is the information you have on your website being seen enough? Or are there reasons why you aren’t getting the number of leads you originally hoped for? All this begs the question… where can you go to find out how your website is performing?

To find out if your website is working for your business, your website should be linked with a website analytics account, such as Google Analytics, that records data that measures user behavior, identifies key performance indicators, conversation rates, and sales. Generally, Analytics can tell you how many people are visiting your website, as well as tell you the number of times people visit specific pages of your website. The recorded data can also tell you where your visitors are coming from (e.g. via social media marketing, email marketing, blog management, and SEO / search engine optimization efforts, or from other websites you might have your website address listed on).

The better you understand your website analytics data, the better you’ll be at predicting future performance data and identify which areas of your website might need more attention. If you are running e-commerce software on your website, you can understand how your product pages are performing and which campaigns are helping to generate the most sales. Knowing more about how your website is doing annually, monthly, weekly and even daily… the better off you’ll be with knowing how to optimize your pages to give you the best return on your investment.

For help establishing an analytics account or to better understand your website data, contact a VisionFriendly.com data analyst by calling 630-553-0000 or by submitting a contact form from our website, VisionFriendly.com.

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