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Domain Management

Why you need a .com

  1. The Internet standard is to finish any commercial domain name with the default suffix of “.com” unless your organization is a non-for-profit (.org), or a governmental agency (.gov). It is also crucial because your users will end up posting the .com address mistakenly even if you don’t have it.
  2. Whether you are a professional, a business or just someone who uses e-mail a lot, you may find that your current e-mail address is too complicated or simply too boring to remember. Dot com registrars have allowed anyone (businesses and consumers) to register dot com names up to 67characters long. Because there can only be ONE unique dot com name in the world, many people are rushing to reserve their names before it’s taken by someone else.
  3. Never Change Your E-Mail Address Again! Having your own dot com name allows you to KEEP your identity on the Internet. You will never have to change your e-mail address again once you have your own dot com name. You will be able to move your e-mail address from one Internet provider to another because YOU OWN IT! Imagine the headaches and friends you will save by not having to inform everyone each time you change your e-mail address.
  4. Thinking of a Web Site Later? Think Dot Com First! If you have considered building a web site some time in the future, you should reserve your dot com name today. Once you have your own dot com name, you will be able to use it for a matching web site address (www.YourName.com) later on.
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Your web address

Domain Name Setup: VisionFriendly.com can register the Domain Name of your choice and ensure that you own the domain, but we manage it. The user can register their own Domain Name, but then making sure that it is renewed is the users responsibility.

Forwarding: You can have another Domain Name point to your Domain Name (no more than 10). There are many reasons for this: like names that sound like your Domain Name, spelled like your Domain Name, are spin-offs of your Domain Name, or used in positioning techniques. And forwarding is just $15 a year.

Parking: With Domain Names getting harder and harder to get, you may want to save a Domain Name for later use. This is called “Parking.” Each parked Domain Name follows the same rules and costs as normal Domain Names, plus $25 to park the name.

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