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Marketing is one of the most important things a business can do to encourage growth. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns (also called Paid Search) allow you to touch base with old customers or prospect for new customers, a business will have a hard time seeing growth without a solid marketing plan.

The national average PPC conversion rate is 1%.

2% is considered a successful campaign.

According to Google, our average of 4% conversion rate on desktop PPC Ads and 5% on mobile ads makes our program among the best in the country.

PPC advertising is one of the only instant ways to get more traffic, more leads, and control who sees the ads. What avenues have you been using to grow your business? If it isn’t including a PPC advertising component you may be missing out on good visibility and new prospects!

VisionFriendly.com has been recognized as having one of the top AdWords conversion rates in the region among Google Partner firms of our size and click budgets. The national average PPC conversion rate is 1%. 2% is considered a successful campaign. According to Google, our average of 4% conversion rate on desktop PPC Ads and 5% on mobile ads makes our program among the best in the country for small to mid-sized companies. You practically can’t get better conversion rates than ours.

PPC search engine placement enables businesses to compete for top placement on Google in the ad space listings along side organic search engine results in an auction style environment. The highest bidder for each specific keyword will receive the highest listing on the search results page of participating search engines. Business owners pay the fee associated with each keyword only when a targeted lead actually clicks on the ad link to their Web site.

You can then also articulate when you want your PPC search terms to show on Google’s results page, as well as how much budget you’d like to apply to each term or to your overall PPC Advertising Campaign.

The position of your ads is determined by several factors. These factors are;

  • The amount you’re willing to bid per keyword
  • How well your ad represents the keyword it’s shown for
  • How well the landing page the ad directs to represents the keyword the ad showed for

Your competitions bid amount and How well their ad and landing page represents the keyword being competed for. Your competitors bid changes will directly alter where your ad appears in the search results. For example, let’s assume you’re a realtor in Houston, Texas. If one of your keywords is “Houston Realtor” and a competitor is currently bidding $2.32 for that keyword, you would either have to bid $2.33 to have your Web site listing rank above that competitor or have a much better representation of the keyword being competed for. The minimum bid required for any keyword is $0.10.

Bids can be changed in real-time by as little as one-cent increments, allowing for full control over how much you’re willing to pay from keyword to keyword. This rapidly changing competitive environment requires constant attention in order to maintain desired search placement. VisionFriendly.com’s professional management will ensure that you remain in the desired position to achieve your goals and remain within your budget.

You will pay the fee associated with the specific keyword searched for and clicked on. This fee will vary for each keyword and can fluctuate greatly from the minimum bid amount of $0.10 to your maximum bid amount based on your competition each time the targeted keyword is searched. Some keywords may only require $0.10 to achieve the highest search results while other keywords can cost much more. VisionFriendly.com’s Adwords Management enables you to customize your bidding strategy to attain the most cost efficient leads.

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Your ads appear on Google search results and optionally Google partners making use of Googles search engine. Google partners include AOL, Lycos, Netscape, AskJeeves and EarthLink.

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