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What Does Great Website Design Look Like?

Great website design should engage the visitor so that they can efficiently access the information they’re looking for. When this is done properly it can increase conversions, and build trust amongst your customer base.

A lot of factors go into creating a positive user experience while on your site. Concentrating on the aspects of great website design below will help you grow your business.

Prioritize Simplicity

The user is there to locate specific information. Great website design can be the vehicle to help them locate that information more efficiently. In order to achieve simplicity, you can do things like keep the color choices to a minimum (and make sure they’re complimentary), use consistent and easy-to-read fonts, and make sure you are using images that compliment your message. Confusing them or making usability more difficult will cause them to move on to the next search result.

Grid Layouts

Grid layouts create a feeling of balance and ease for the user. It’s the conventional design structure that your audience is used to from viewing other websites - because it works. The columns and sections of a grid layout feel balanced and create order for an aesthetically pleasing layout.

Strategic Use of White Space

White space helps by reducing the cognitive load for visitors, making it easier for them to act. It allows them to more easily scan the site for the information they’re looking for. Website users are bombarded with distractions and constantly forced to make decisions. This is a great website design principle for allowing your audience to focus on your content, and giving them the best chance to follow through with a purchase.

Consider Navigation

The navigation system on your website is the only way for visitors to find what they’re looking for. When the menus are confusing, people tend to leave for something easier to use. It should remain simple, intuitive, and consistent throughout the site.

Use a Visual Hierarchy

A visual hierarchy lets the visitor know what the most important elements of a page are. The idea is simple, really: the bigger an item is, the more important it is. Headlines offer a good example of this in practice. Imagery can be placed in larger formats, with this idea in mind as well. The hierarchy is used to create a focal point on the page, drawing people to the most important elements. When done right, it can funnel the visitor to the information that they were originally looking for.

Write Engaging Content

Your visitor came to the site looking for specific information. When the content is engaging, they’re far more likely to complete your calls to action. Headlines should entice people to click and read further. Each sentence and each word should help them continue down the page to the call to action. Content should be friendly and conversational while maintaining a professional tone. It should also be true to your brand voice.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Your website traffic is increasingly coming from tablets, phones, and other mobile devices. Your design should take this into consideration and make it easy for people to quickly and intuitively move through your site on mobile devices. Short paragraphs, optimized photos, easy-to-use navigation, and the use of responsive templates can all help with this process.

Hire a Professional Website Design Company

Your website should be easy for visitors to use, and bring your company leads on a regular basis. Using these principles to create a great website design will help you more easily accomplish these things. If you’d like to talk with us about your website project, contact us today!

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