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What to Expect When You Hire an SEO Agency

If you’ve made the decision to hire an SEO agency, you already likely have a good idea of what that increased visibility can help you accomplish. The benefits from this type of service are likely already known. But you’ll need to know how the process works, and what to expect from your agency.

Every business’s SEO plan may look a little different, depending on the state of your website and digital marketing materials. But there are some universal expectations that should hold consistent, no matter what work your agency does.

SEO is a Long-Term Investment

It’s important to understand that with SEO, the results will almost definitely not come immediately. Many of the services and strategies below require time for results. You can think of it similar to someone wanting to diet and lose 20 pounds. One healthy meal will not bring them to their goal. It will likely take a long-term commitment to diet and exercise.

The same is true with SEO. Regular efforts over a period of time is the way to go.

Common Services Associated with Search Engine Optimization

  • Keyword strategies – This includes the use of tools that give an indication of the best keywords for your business to target by indicating the number of searches and competition level.
  • Technical SEO – Tools and strategies can be used to discover potential issues such as duplicate content, broken links, and 404 pages that need to be fixed.
  • Content optimization – There may be opportunities to optimize existing content for better SEO results. Web pages and blog posts can be modified to include new keywords.
  • Content marketing – Google and the other search engines favor sites that continuously post new and valuable content. A strong plan for publishing content can help ensure that you’ll stay on top of the search engines.
  • Website audits – When you hire an SEO company, they can perform website audits to determine the quality of the pages and content already on your site.
  • Link building – Your SEO company can help you to develop a link building strategy that can raise your profile.
  • Local SEO – A big part of SEO is showing up in local searches, especially for businesses that are geographically based. An experienced SEO agency can help you with the right strategies to maximize local reach.
  • Website migration – Website migrations can pose a risk with dips in traffic. An SEO agency can work with you to ensure that your site continues to work as it should through domain migrations or other changes.
  • Forecasting – An experienced SEO company can give you an idea on how implementing different strategies, tools, and services might help your visibility and increase your business over a given amount of time.
  • Reporting – An experienced agency should also be able to provide analytics and reporting that track results over time

A Few Last Words

It’s important to keep in mind that SEO is a long-term investment. If you’re looking for immediate results, PPC might be more appropriate. Both can work well in tandem though, and give you more exposure on the results page.

It’s also important to be wary of companies that over promise, or make very specific promises. SEO agencies are applying their best guesses to third-party platforms. The reality is that no one knows exactly what to expect. They’re simply applying the best tools, strategies, and data available to help clients solve a problem.

Hire an SEO Agency

Finding the right SEO agency can help you boost visibility, increase trust with your audience, and improve the bottom line. If you’re looking for an experienced SEO agency in the Chicago area, we can help. Contact us, or give us a call at (630) 553-0000.

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