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WordPress Websites Chicago

WordPress Websites

Chicago businesses need a WordPress Website to keep up with the competition!

In today’s business market, websites need to be updated and refreshed constantly with the most up-to-date information for your customers. Mobile devices allow people to access everything “right now” so keep your company website fresh with a WordPress website. WordPress websites offer full control for businesses in Chicago with content management systems that enable business owners and employees to edit pages, post on calendars & events plugins, blogs, photo slide shows and more.

A WordPress website can help your Chicago company expand it’s website with easy to use menus to add pages, edit content, post blogs, and monitor user activity.

While WordPress websites can be themed, VisionFriendly.com offers one-of-a-kind custom WordPress design themes for your company. Our professional WordPress website designers can build your site and layout just like a custom designed website but in the end, you control the content and can build more and more as your business grows.

WordPress websites admin menus are compatible with most platforms including PC, Mac, iPhones, iPads, tablets, Android Devices, and even Blackberries. So you can control your WordPress website with an update or content change from virtually anywhere with an internet connection or a smartphone with a data plan.

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What's the biggest advantage to having a WordPress Website in Chicago?

In Chicago, everything is fast paced and everyone is in a hurry. A WordPress website can be edited and the changes can be live online in a matter of seconds, 24 hours a day. Chicago businesses never have to wait to hear back from a web designer to make a small change, correct a typo, or add an image to the site. All the content on a WordPress website can be edited through easy to use menus and saved.

Each employee or manager of a WordPress website can have their own login so any changes can be tracked and monitored by owners or management staff. There are also several access levels to a WordPress website from full Administrator access to edit pages and everything else, all the way down to blog authors who can simply post articles they have written. WordPress websites are secure, easy to use, and offer more options with open source plug-ins than any other content management system on the market. So you will always find a plug-in to achieve the function you want.

How can a WordPress Website save Chicago Businesses Money?

While the up-front design and contruction cost is higher for a WordPress Website than a static website, the savings is infinite when you consider the updates your company doesn’t have to pay for anymore. Adding a new page to a static site could take a designer a few hours to build, format, and link. A WordPress website can add a new page, link it in your menus, and format the page automatically, leaving only the content to be added. So adding a page in WordPress will cost you $0, for as many pages as you can write.

Secondly, the more pages your website has, the better it can perform and rank on search engines as well. So the savings keep piling up because WordPress web design is designed to be search engine compliant and now you as a Chicago business can capitalize on your competition who can’t expand their site easily.

Contact VisionFriendly.com today for more information about WordPress Website Designs for your Chicago company and don’t forget to ask about E-Commerce WordPress Websites if you want to sell items on your site.

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