The Essential E-Commerce Holiday Checklist

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Are your Digital Marketing efforts ready for the Holidays?

The crucial Holiday Season brings out more customers…and more competition.  The way you react to both will have a big impact on your overall bottom line.

VisionFriendly.com has prepared for you a guide to marketing your company throughout the Holiday Season, helping you take maximum advantage of your opportunity.  We also have a few best practices that help throughout the year that can help you stay off of Santa’s Naughty list next Season.


Being prepared for the Holiday Season doesn’t begin in October.  You already do things everyday to help improve your business.  There are some things, however, that you want to make sure you’ve checked off the list before you hear anyone at your door saying “Trick or Treat”

  • Schedule a Digital Marketing Consultation to help you plan for the Holiday Season
    • What has worked in the past?
    • What will you do differently this year?
  • Start running Google Ads (PPC) to help you reach more customers, including
    • Targeted Display Ads
    • Remarketing Ads
    • Review and optimize your existing campaign
  • Schedule multiple competitive offers throughout the Season to keep your message fresh
    • Create an email schedule to promote these offers to your audience
  • Create a Social Media strategy to increase overall brand awareness
  • Create a way for customers to get on your email list
  • Consider offering Free Shipping (which can dramatically increase website sales)
  • Setup Analytics goal tracking (which will help us measure marketing effectiveness)

You can set many of these items to automatically begin strategically in November and December, freeing up valuable time during such a busy time for your business.


As the calendar changes to November, your priorities change with them.  With the big picture stuff done, you can start to focus on specific items that will improve your customer experience, and your sales

  • Set Abandoned Cart email reminders with automated discounts
  • Create product groupings/gift baskets/packages that encourage customers to buy more
  • Test all website promotions and coupon codes before December 2nd Cyber Monday

Making the final preparations for the December rush is something you are already thinking about.  Please make sure that you take a moment to ensure your digital efforts are working just as hard for you.


The time has come to maximize your opportunity.  Your customers are online looking for that perfect gift or last-minute item.  Will; they find you?

  • Adjust Google Ad budgets for December rush
    • Incorporate more ad phrases like: “Last Minute Gifts”
  • Send out at least two emails:
    • Reminder of Shipping Deadlines (Buy before 12/?? to receive gifts before 12/25)
    • “Last Chance Deals”
  • Incorporate Holiday themed ads into PPC Display and Remarketing Ads, social media posts and email blasts

We highly advise that you set these items up well in advance.  Remember, you’ll be very busy in December and won’t have much time for anything but running your business.  If you need help, we have a full, in-house staff that can help you put these important strategies in place.


Did all of your extra marketing help?  You already compare overall sales against the previous year, but do you do the same for your website sales? 

There are several ways to measure the ROI of your marketing dollars.  This is why you took time to set your analytics goals back in October. 

  • Review reporting from your different marketing channels
    • How effective was your abandoned cart email campaign?
    • How many overall impressions did it take to create a customer?
    • How well did you grow your social media/email audiences?
  • Create a marketing plan for 2020 that incorporates some of your most effective tactics

Don’t skip these steps.  The data you collect, combined with your insight, will help you adjust your efforts in a more strategic way.

Is your company, and your website, ready for all of this?  If you have any questions about getting ready for the Holidays, feel free to give us a call at 630.553.0000, or simply contact us here

Above all, your partners at VisionFriendly.com wish you a healthy and happy Holiday Season!

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VisionFriendly.com is a Chicago digital marketing agency with over 25 years of experience helping clients nationwide. We have an in-house team of marketers and creatives ready to improve your business’s marketing operations.

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