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Domain / SSL Management

Complete Website Management

Don't take it for granted

There are some parts of a website that most companies just take for granted.  While the topic of domain management isn’t very flashy, your website isn’t doing anything without it.  And, without an SSL, even Google calls your website “Not Secure”.

Because VisionFriendly.com is a full-service digital agency, we understand how all of these pieces work together to keep your website, and your company, functioning at full speed.  Domain management has obvious links to hosting and email support, but your domain and website structure have important impact on SEO, Website Analytics and more. 

Partner with an agency who can do all of your work in-house.  Call our specialists at 630.553.0000 reach out to us below.

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Domain Parking & Forwarding

Don't miss out on Web Traffic

Domain forwarding allows you to capture website traffic that may otherwise miss.  Secure domains that are similar to your own, and forward users direct to your site who enter a small typo.  Or park a domain for ideas that you have, but aren’t quite ready to launch yet.

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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Peace of mind for your visitors and you

We’ve all seen the notice on the top of our web browser in the url address bar:

What does it mean?  How did it get there?  What do I do now?

An SSL is a computer protocol that helps secure communications over computer networks.  That’s the technical definition.  What it really tells customers is that it is safe to enter my information on this website. 

Not only do users look for security on your website, but search engines do too.  During a 2017 algorithm update, Google placed a higher importance on SSLs as well as website security, with that emphasis impacting overall rankings.

SSL and E-Commerce

When you are asking customers to make purchases online, they need to know that your website can be trusted.  One basic key to success is remove barriers that prevent customers from doing business with you.  SSL certificates provide that peace of mind. 

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