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3 Signs That Say You Have Outgrown Your Website Design

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We all know that every business should have a website… because we all know that when consumers have an interest in a specific product or service, they’ll most likely jump over to the good ole’ “Interwebs” to search for it… right? So, businesses need to be ready to give those consumers (those potential customers) what they’re searching for on their websites, right? I mean, at least enough info that tells them they’re on the right path to getting what they’re searching for… right?

Which now begs the questions (I like to ask questions, can you tell?): How’s your website looking like these days? Is your information up-to-date? Is your website a good representation of your business?

The goal is to keep your website at the level that best represents your company brand. If it’s fallen ‘behind the times’, that might mean trouble… especially when your business gets compared to your competition (I bet you hate knowing that).

So, let us do you the favor of pointing out some pretty important things that you might not be aware of. All we ask is for you to pay attention… and then be honest with yourself. Ready? Here are a few signs that say that you have outgrown your website design… and now it may be time to fix them.

You have outdated design elements or technology.
Business owners sometimes feel that just because they have a company website (their own ‘dot com’), they’re GTG (good-to-go)… and they can move on with running their business. Well, not so much.

The look of your outdated website can tell your customers how long it’s been since you’ve updated your website. Old images and old copy that, at one time were relevant, may have changed… such as your location, your office space, or the look of your storefront, or even the copy found on your ‘About Us’ page might not be an accurate description of your business anymore. It’s never fun to find out that some of the business changes your company has experienced, never made its way to your website.

Another thing is the technology that was once current, like Flash animation graphics, splash pages, or 3D buttons (I’m shivering right now)… may shock visitors. Your business website may be so outdated that it can cause a customer to want to call 911 for assistance. “911, what’s your emergency?” “I’m on a website right now, and it appears to be experiencing major cardiac arrest symptoms!” “Do you know CPR?” “No, I’m not a web designer!”

OK… I think you get the point. I’ll move on now. 

Your Website is not secured (No HTTPS pages).
Websites have come a long way with how they can receive and store personal and private information. With so many online stores and websites that capture data for sales leads or subscriptions, it’s important that websites are protecting the data so that private information does not get into the wrong hands.

Today, HTTPS website pages (the ‘S’ stands for ‘secure’ and will provide security while browsing, logging in, or making purchases) can change the entire dynamic of a company website, especially if their website pages are not set up to encrypt the information that users are submitting.

Also, if your pages are not secured, there’s a very good chance that customers are choosing not to do business with you because they may not be feeling assured when submitting personal and payment information.

The Lack of Form Submissions (leads or inquiries)
So, now you’ve taken the time to update your website by adding new photos, re-writing your company descriptions or product/service copy – all so that your website can be a better representation of your company brand – I need to ask (yep, more questions)… have you made sure your website to include options for customers to contact you, such as a contact us form or a live chat tool?

Inquiry forms or live chat tools are excellent opportunities for customers to begin a dialog with customers. Now, YOU are probably asking… “Why would I need a form or live chat tools if I have my phone number and email address accessible on my contact us page?” It’s about convenience and getting an instant response.

A contact us form will eliminate the chances of their email not successfully sending, and a live chat box will enable the user to communicate with a customer in real time. The quicker they can get information, the more likely they are to do business with you. So, if you’re not hearing from your customers through your website, it’s time that you give them more communication options.

So, if any of these items (or signs) are relatable concerns with your business, we suggest that you strongly consider investigating them further. Need our help? Give us a  call at VisionFriendly.com at 630-553-0000, or just click the link below.

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