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Are You Suffering From “Checking The Box Syndrome”?

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Are you not seeing the benefit of your social media marketing efforts?

Are you posting content with an overall guiding strategy, or are you simply “Checking the Box” and getting your name out there?

In some cases, when clients come to us for social media management help, we quickly find out why and how they got to a point of desperation.

While we analyze their past work, we see that their social media posts (e.g. photographs, video, or written copy) are no longer at a high level of quality and no longer obtaining the amount of Reach, Impressions, or Engagement that previous posts had once seen. Many times it’s due to companies not understanding the value of using social media for marketing.

In those cases, clients end up suffering from, (what we call) ‘checking the box syndrome’, which means posting content for the sake of posting it and not following a clear strategy around a substantial topic or purpose.

Why does this happen?

Quite often, instead of hiring someone to focus on a social media marketing strategy, small to medium-sized companies assign the job of managing their social media accounts to an internal staff member, who also performs other duties, unrelated to social media or marketing. Their work is often split between these two different jobs, neither one getting 100% focus of the employee’s time.

How can ‘Checking The Box Syndrome’ be fixed?

Establishing a well, thought-out social media strategy is the first step to correcting content performance issues.

Setting up specific program goals, such as Reach, Impression, or Engagement goals, can help you to take closer looks at the type information your company needs to share and your return on investment (ROI).

Ideas to Consider:
  • For companies that are focused on branding and reputation, try sharing positive feedback you’ve gotten from customers.
  • For companies that are selling a product/service or capturing sales leads, focus on how your product or service can solve relatable problems.
  • Testing different social media content or calls-to-actions can steer you towards a better direction.
  • Finally (and most importantly), think twice about splitting the time of a full-time staff member. Of course, no business wants weak or unsatisfactory results… nor the symptoms of ‘checking the box syndrome’.

Final Thoughts

One great option is to leave the social media branding and advertising to those that have social media marketing experience. Understanding organic posting best practices and advertising guidelines are two examples of why companies should consider help from professional digital marketing firms. Dedicating the right amount of attention to your social media marketing will enable you to distribute content that can drive better results.

For a complimentary review and analysis of your social media pages and overall strategy… or to see how VisionFriendly.com can help you drive better results using social media marketing, call 630-553-0000 or contact us here.

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VisionFriendly.com is a Chicago digital marketing agency with over 25 years of experience helping clients nationwide. We have an in-house team of marketers and creatives ready to improve your business’s marketing operations.

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