Could your site benefit from a Marketing Analysis?

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Just like your yearly checkup at the doctor's office, your website needs a reflex check as well.  When is the last time you performed a full, in-depth marketing analysis of your website?

If the answer is more than a year ago...or never, you could be missing traffic and have customers missing out on finding you.  Quite simply your website is not taking full advantage of its ability to reach your company's goals.

Taking the time to review and analyze your site can help your internet marketing strategy in many ways, and these are just 3 of the many benefits:

1.  Improve old or outdated marketing strategies

If you have a solid search engine optimization or SEO strategy in place, you likely already have pages targeting the majority of your most important keywords.  Unless those pages provide the information searchers want they likely aren’t attracting the quality traffic and customers you need.

  • Up to date content provides accurate relevant content to help users convert into customers.
  • Always have a good keyword focus including long tail keyword usage.

2.  Get up to speed with current best practices

Even the most informative, well written content in the world won't help your customers (or your business) if they can't find you.  So in addition to reading through the copy and images on your pages, you'll also want to make sure they're optimized for search engines.

  • Ensure proper format and usage of all title and header tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags follow best practices.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing or abusing meta tag content and resulting in a lower SEO ranking.

3.  Identify the gaps in your marketing strategies

  • Track each page and title with keywords used.
  • If you notice you are missing important topics then those should be targeted for 2017.

hart business diagram loop calculator statistic webReady to jump-start your 2017 marketing success?

Managing a successful online marketing strategy can be challenging, but it is the most effective way to reach new customers.  VisionFriendly.com can help get you the results you deserve.

We're ready when you are! Give us a call at 630.553.0000 right away to get 2017 started on the right foot!



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