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How to Avoid SEO Penalties

How to Avoid SEO Penalties


The last thing any business wants to experience is being slapped with a penalty from Google for a mishap or a mistake made by their designers, content writers, or developers. SEO penalties don’t come lightly but when they do you will immediately feel the effects. Google has made it very easy to be compliant with their standards for SEO By publishing the do’s and don’ts of SEO.

To avoid SEO penalties you simply have to follow a few key guidelines regarding these common penalties:

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Duplicate Content SEO Penalties

Never, under any circumstance, copy and paste text content from another page of your own website and especially not from someone else’s website. Duplicate content tells Google that you don’t care and you are taking the easy way out. While the ramifications of a duplicate content penalty are negligible you can expect the page to bring zero SEO value to your website ranking.

Hacked Site SEO Penalties

If you ever receive a warning from Google that a page has been detected with potential malware you should act immediately to rectify and recertify with Google that the page is OK. If a site is determined to be volatile enough in the ways of malware Google will remove it from the SERPs. Forfeiting any SCO efforts you have done up until that point, forcing you to start over from scratch. Otherwise it is a long and tedious process to get Google to overturn their decision to purge a site.

Doorway or Gateway Page SEO Penalties

If you have pages that redirect users upon arrival to content that is not associated with what they were searching for the destinations link was supposed to be you could be risking a SEO penalty. Googles main goal is user experience and being misdirected through scam me links to dangerous or inappropriate content is a fast track to an SEO penalty. To avoid this penalty, try not to use redirection on pages but rather leave a link clearly indicating its destination in the contact and allow the user to make their own determination.

Hidden Text or Keyword Stuffing

One of the oldest and most common SEO Penalties comes from a blatant attempt to manipulate the search results with keyword stuffing. Sometimes it is nonsensical and just words in a cluster on the page or overuse of a Phrase on a content per capita level. Avoiding this penalty is easy, simply write your contact as if you were speaking out loud to another person. It’s fine to use proper nouns when appropriate but don’t overdo it. There is such thing as “over optimization” and you have to ride the line to get content to perform well on search engines as well as sound coherent to a reader.

One of the fastest ways of getting an SEO penalty is with hidden text. Hidden text could be a simple as white text on a white background or text that is moved off screen via code. This is detectable by search engines now that they can read CSS and JavaScript to identify when content and backgrounds align. One thing to note is that search engines have come so far as to be able to detect when text content is the same color or even within the same shades of the background.

What Does An SEO Penalty Mean?

The result of ignoring SEO Penalties in the short term could mean the loss of your placement on search engines. The long-term effect of an SEO penalty could be the permanent removal of the entire domain from Google’s search results. Let’s try to avoid SEO penalties entirely by talking to an SEO expert and having an evaluation done on your site regularly.

For more information on SEO improvements or penalty reparations, contact visionfriendly.com today at 630-553-0000 or fill out the simple form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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